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Setting Up Shop

Setting Up Shop
by Sandor Nagyszalanczy

Taunton Press, 2000
Hardcover, 217 pp, $29.95
ISBN 1-56158-360-X

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    This much-discussed new release is as much a tour of professional woodworking shops as it is a guideline for setting up one's own. Everything from upgrading an electrical system to cross-ventilating a spray booth is covered in hands-on, useful detail.
     There are well-photographed profiles of professional woodworkers Sam Maloof, Michael Cooper, Mike Dunbar, Garrett Hack, Frank Klausz, James Krenov, Art Carpenter, Pat Edwards, David Ellsworth, and Wendell Castle.
     No one book can do everything, but this new one by Nagyszalancy comes close. He succeeds in offering a wide range of ideas for efficient shop layout, storage, lighting and for safe use of tools.
     Carol Reed makes a contribution in showing off her mobile work station and two rolling carts for handling bulky items. Jim Tolpin offers up ideas for assembly tables, an efficient grouping of machinery, and tool cabinets adapted to multiple uses in the shop.
     The author has put together a winner here, with enough information and ideas for shop projects to appeal to woodworkers of any skill level. Whether you want to learn about bench stops and hold downs, or how to lay electrical conduit beneath the subfloor of your new 'dream shop,' Nagyszalanczy offers up good advice and procedure. This book is a real treat.

...Barb Siddiqui