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Le Mobilier Francais, Art Nouveau, 1900

Le Mobilier Francais, Art Nouveau, 1900
by Anne-Marie Quette

Massin Editions: 1995
Hardback, 93 pp., $27
ISBN 2-7072-0266-5

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Le Mobilier Francais, Art Nouveau, 1900      If you read and understand French, you will get much more out of this book than I did, but in spite of the all-French text, it remains one of the best full-color photo galleries of Art Nouveau furniture I have yet seen.
     The stately, free-flowing forms of the Art Nouveau design influence are shown here in a wide variety of French pieces: chairs, corner tables, desks, beds, armoires, sofas, even posts in an entrance hall.
     Complicated pieces are often photographed in detailed close-ups of interest to furniture makers, and many pieces are depicted in full room settings. This feature allows the reader an insight into blending the furniture with Art Nouveau interiors, including lamps, pottery, doors and entryways.
     A brief history and chronology of the style is included in the first chapter, followed by stunning works of master craftsmen. Due to my limited education, the language barrier necessitates a short review of this book, but seeing so many pieces, so beautifully done, is a special treat.
     Very reasonably priced, this is one of a series that also covers Renaissance, Louis XIV, Louis XVI, Empire, Napolean and Queen Anne, and Art Deco furnishings.

. . . Barb Siddiqui