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Quick & Easy Weekend Woodworking Projects

Quick & Easy Weekend Woodworking Projects
by the Editors of Popular Woodworking

Popular Woodworking Books: 2005
paperback, 128 pp., $24.99
ISBN 1-55870-746-8

     These are twenty-three of the best home projects from Popular Woodworking Magazine, from a fine Arts & Crafts bookshelf to CD cabinets and cigar boxes. There is an heirloom photo album, a hanging cupboard, a nifty three-legged shop stool, a mirror frame, bungalow-style mailbox, Christmas ornaments, and last but far from least, the Popular Woodworking 24-hour workbench, sturdy, versatile and ready for add-ons.
     Large procedural photos accompany cut lists and exploded drawings for each project, and there is enough selection and variety included in these projects to keep a weekend warrior producing new items one after another. Indexed with a long list of suppliers, this book will be useful to have on hand when the question becomes, "what's next?"

. . . Barb Siddiqui