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Building Cabinet Doors & Drawers

Building Cabinet Doors & Drawers
by Danny Proulx

Linden Publishing, 2000
Paperback, 112 pp, $19.95
ISBN: 0-941956-56-2

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    Canadian editor and author Danny Proulx has written several books on kitchen cabinets and the business of production cabinetry. He says in his introduction that "instructions for all the door styles for each project would fill dozens of pages…" Thus, his new book.
     Along with standard instuctions on frame and panel construction, raised panels, slab doors and cope and stick doors, Proulx covers glass and tambour applications and pocket doors. A discussion of door anatomy and mounting styles leads into hardware and the wide variety of hinge mountings available.
     Proulx simplifies many styles to accelerate production techniques, and even shows how to profile an edge and how to cover an edge on MDF and melamine particleboard to make inexpensive, functional cabinet doors.
     As for drawers, he runs the gamut: traditional drawer joinery, modern hardware, calculating sizes and insetting face fronts. His advice is to "take your time, explore all the options, then build some of these great door and drawer styles for your own projects."
     This is a well-done and instructive introduction to practical craftsmanship. It is indexed for quick reference.

...Barb Siddiqui