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Wood Identification and Use

Wood Identification and Use
by Terry Porter

Guild of Master Craftsman Publications (Sterling Pulblishers): 2004
paperback, 256 pp., 29.95
ISBN 1-86108-377-7

     Wood Identification and Use is one of the nicest and most reasonably priced identification books I've seen. Full color photos of two hundred wood species are 3" x 5", allowing clear representation of grain and figure. Many pages include smaller photos of the finished wood in completed projects.
     The author includes alternative names for each species, tells where it is commonly grown, and gives a full description with common properties, seasoning and durability qualities, typical uses and any known health risks associated with working it.
     Mr. Porter is British, so his European Plane tree is North America's Sycamore, but all names are cross-referenced and clearly explained, so it isn't hard to find a species you are looking for.
     First chapters include world forest types, plus explanations of wood's cellular structure, botanical classifications and seasoning and sawing procedures. A glossary of wood terminology defines terms such as bole, case hardening, corestock and girdling.
     Terry Porter is a former editor of GMC's Woodturning magazine, and brings to these pages many years' experience with various wood types. This is a beautifully done book, and an excellent woodworking reference at a reasonable price.

. . . Barb Siddiqui