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Greene & Greene: Design Elements For The Workshop

Greene & Greene: Design Elements For The Workshop
by Darrell Peart

Linden Publishing: 2006
Paperback, 128 pp., $29.95
ISBN 094193696-1

     The popularity of Arts & Crafts style furniture just seems to grow, as more and more designer-makers adapt its details to original works. Darrell Peart is an authority on those details, and has done a fine job here of presenting building techniques for intermediate woodworkers to succeed in crafting this fine furniture.
     Peart has a great respect for John and Peter Hall, the master craftsmen who actually produced what the Greene brothers envisioned. First chapters cover the historical influences leading to ultimate design processes, and tell us about the lives of the men who gave them to us.
     The author's real meat for the book, though, is in giving step by step construction details on how to reproduce cloud-lifts, leg indents, exposed ebony splines and plugs, breadboard ends and proud finger joints on drawers. He shows rather surprising x-ray details of original pieces, and illustrates shop jigs and layout aids for precision joinery and decorative details. He includes the original color formula for finishing the work, but recommends safer, more modern procedures than what was avialable to the Hall brothers in the early 1900s.
     The photography in this book is excellent, with many close-ups enlarged to show minute detail. Examples of full-size furniture pieces are included, and at the end, Peart allows two modern craftsmen to discuss the Greene's influence on their own work, with gallery pages showing off their original designs. A final chapter illustrates line drawings of some of the author's Greene & Greene furniture projects, and a list of resources. For anyone building furniture, this book is a revelation in Arts & Crafts techniques.

. . . Barb Siddiqui