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Furniture For the 21st Century

Furniture For the 21st Century
by Betty Norbury

Viking Studio (Penguin Group): 2000
Hardcover, 191 pp., $39.95
ISBN 0-670-89169-X

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     The relationships that we build between each other are profoundly affected by the environment in which we live and work," says Andrew Mawson in his preface. "Design therefore, impacts directly on people's identity... The furniture in this book, custom made by highly skilled individuals, sets the standard against which more mass-produced products will be judged.
     Author Betty Norbury states, "There are no outlandish pieces here to astonish and ridicule the observer into thinking it is they who are somehow deficient...but I can guarantee that the workmanship of every piece is beyond question."
     So begins a full-color representation of three dozen British designer-makers of fine furniture. This is a book of beautifully photographed, original designs and commissions in cabinets, beds, chests, conference tables and desks, chairs, benches, stools and mirror stands.
     The virtuosity and technical skills behind these designs is amazing. Just to browse through the book and see the imaginative path these designer-makers have taken, is an inspiring trip.
     Norbury includes an index of the craftsmen and women represented, with addresses and phone numbers, plus websites where available.

. . . Barb Siddiqui