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Fine Craftsmanship in Wood

Fine Craftsmanship in Wood
by Betty Norbury

Linden Publishing, 1990
Hardcover, $19.95
ISBN 0-941936-18-X

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    The flyleaf on this book says it is "A unique look at the state of the craft in Great Britain." The reader will enter its pages as if on tour, not only viewing the works of turners, sculptors and cabinetmakers, but having each craftsman along as a guide.
     Everything from conference tables to turned lace bobbins is included. Both black/white and color photos illustrate text on every page. Professional British craftsmen John Makepeace, Alan Peters and Ian Norbury are a few among hundreds who discuss their own work and what they've achieved in the field.
     There is a great deal of inspiring work here, in all forms of wood: marquetry, kitchenware, studio furniture, commercial cabinetry, turned items, organ screens and musical instruments. Even oak timber framing is included, as are all forms of carving. Names and addresses of the craftsmen are indexed in the back.

...Barb Siddiqui