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The Getaway Home

The Getaway Home
by Dale Mulfinger

Taunton Press: 2004
Hardback, 186 pp., $30.00
ISBN 1-56158-599-8

     As the author states in his preamble to this lush book of dream residences, "Because a getaway home is typically built with discretionary income, there can be something liberating about its design. Many design decisions are influenced by a desire for self expression in a way that is rarely possible in a home that has to mind its curb appeal." That statement sets the tone for homes represented in this book.
     Mulfinger talks about how sites are chosen for magnificence, not convenience, and how a getaway home is intended to create opportunities for new experiences. From lakesiade homes, ski houses, mountain getaways and beach homes, to cabins and a "dogtrot in the woods," the reader will find floor plans and construction ideas for villas, compounds, pavilions and harbor view perches. Each one is indexed with a list of its architect and designer.
     Some say we live in a decadent and spoiled society. Personally, I see nothing wrong with converting an old Montana granary standing beside a farmhouse, into a gymnasium with a basketball court on solid maple flooring. It is fascinating to see how people have designed what they wished. More power to 'em.

. . . Barb Siddiqui