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How To Build Outdoor Structures

How To Build Outdoor Structures
by Deborah Morgan and Nick Engler

Sterling Publishing: 1987
Paperback, 414 pp., $19.95
ISBN 0-8069-9165-8

     Useful enough to be in print for seventeen years, this tome full of grayscale illustrations and line drawings is a guide to about anything a homeowner might want to build outdoors. From raised garden beds, trellises, fences and arbors, to patios, decks, screened sun porches, garages and carports, the authors have covered just about everything.
     Play areas, jungle gyms, privacy screens, dog houses, bird houses, a foot bridge, and a variety of storage sheds are included. Forty individual projects are shown in detailed steps, many with variations and tips on techniques and how to deal with common problems.
     Instructions are given on how to pour concrete slabs, how to lay post footings and how to build for drainage below a worksite. Construction of a gambrel roof is explained, as well as peaked and slanted roofs, and the use of corrugated fiberglass for a green house. Several examples of fences and decks are shown, with consideration given to uneven ground and guidance for special problems. The authors even think of measures for keeping out pests and rodents, for example.
     Owning this book for future reference would ensure any property owner a lifetime of home improvement projects outdoors. If you buy it, expect it to become thoroughly dog-eared to mark your most wanted projects.

. . . Barb Siddiqui