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The Ultimate Band Saw Box Book

The Ultimate Band Saw Box Book
by Donna LaChance Menke

Sterling Publishing: 2006
Paperback, 224 pp., $17.95
ISBN 978-1-4027-2193-9

     There are so many books out on box-making, I thought I'd never want to see another one, but I was wrong. Ms. Menke has put together a volume on bandsawn boxes that includes serious design considerations as well as lessons on cross-grain weakness and construction detail that make it a wonderful introduction to working wood in general. She explains how to obtain found wood and deal with its imperfections, how to dry and store wood materials, and how to work with them safely.
     Menke demonstrates how to efficiently handle interior cuts and angled cuts, how to stabilize small pieces, and how to use a sanding belt or drum. She illustrates clamping techniques and glue-ups, how to make filler strips for sloppy fitting lids, and how to use registration marks to assure grain alignment when fitting things together.
     The majority of the book is sample projects, arranged in order of difficulty, from simple fitted lids to carved tops, swinging pinned tops and hidden hinges. Clever designs for nesting boxes are shown in cubes, cylinders, and compact ovals. There are puzzle boxes, a small bread box, a yin-yang box, hinged scallop-shell and butterfly boxes, simple inlaid boxes and bandsawn boxes with drawers, plus a final gallery of finsihed pieces.
     With lots of good wood-related advice, this is a fine book for anyone interested in making bandsawn boxes.

. . . Barb Siddiqui