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The Tablesaw Book

The Tablesaw Book
by Kelly Mehler

Taunton Press, 1993
Paperback, 180 pp., $27.95
ISBN: 1-56158-011-2

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    In this manual on care and use of the tablesaw, Kelly Mehler calls on his two-plus decades of woodworking experience to explain the tool, its maintenance and its wide-ranging capacity to take center stage in the workshop.
    Clear black and white photography and line drawings illustrate Mehler's points in teaching tablesaw joinery, jig-building, dust collection and workspace. Besides describing types of tablesaws and what might be a best purchase for an intended use, the author goes into cleaning and lubrication of the machine, adjustments, alignments, and the use of many accessories.
    Mehler illustrates and discusses safe procedures for ripping long stock, sheet stock, narrow stock and short pieces. He discusses miter gauge work, but recommends a sliding cross-cut box for cross-cutting, and gives a detailed plan to build one for your tablesaaw.
    A thorough presentation of advice on sawblades takes up a full chapter, with descriptions as to different types and each one's use and effectiveness. Another chapter is dedicated to safety, with full descriptions and photographs of the Biesmeyer Blade Guard, Delta Uniguard, Excalibur Overarm Sawblade Cover and the Brett-Guard. Splitters are presented and compared as well.
    I think it is safe to say that study and use of the advice in Kelly Mehler's Tablesaw Book will make your woodworking a safe and productive experience. The book is indexed, and has a long list of sources of supplies, including manufacturers and hardware suppliers. Taunton also has produced a companion video: 'Mastering The Tablesaw with Kelly Mehler.'

...Barb Siddiqui

[EDITOR'S NOTE: The revised edition of Kelly's tablesaw book will be forthcoming from Taunton Press in the Spring of 2002.]