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The Workshop Book

The Workshop Book
by Scott Landis

Taunton Press, 1991
Paperback, 215 pp., $22.95
ISBN: 1-56158-271-9

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     Hard as it is to believe, this 'Craftsman's Guide To Making the Most of Any Workspace' is now twenty years old, and every bit as valuable today as when it first appeared. From professional 'dream shops' to cubbyhole 'vest pocket' shops, Landis has put together enough adaptations and suggestions for any woodworker to benefit in reading it.
     He discusses the advantages of shared space, either between spouses or studio co-ops with both full and part-time craftsmen. Storage solutions are pictured on nearly every page, with an emphasis on efficient work flow and shop layout.
     A long chapter on machinery includes sidebars on tablesaw safety, home made splitter guards, a vertical panel saw, and a home made stroke sander. Wiring and converting to 3-phase power is discussed, as well as proper lighting and dust collection.
     Under 'specialty shops,' Landis leads the reader through a Windsor chair shop, a boat shop, and a mountain turner's paradise. Even woodworking with children is covered, showing benches 'belly-button' high.
     A last chapter on 'fixtures' shows a few fold up benches, auxiliary machine tables and extensions, as well as specialty work stations. The book is photographed in color and black and white, with excellent colored drawings. A long list of supply sources and a full index complete the book.

...Barb Siddiqui