Kidspace Idea Book

Kidspace Idea Book
by Wendy A. Jordan

Taunton Press: 2002
Paperback, 170 pp., $24.95
ISBN 1-56158-631-5

     No longer are children relegated to a distant wing of the home. Architects and designers have seemed to "catch up" in recent years, with what every mother always knew: children require spaces of their own in every area of the house. They are underfoot demanding attention while adults are cooking, they need their own sports equipment or musical instrument storage, and lord knows the older ones have their own taste in music.
     Ms. Jordan"s book incorporates ideas for including children throughout the household, as well as providing them private spaces and room to have friends visit. She begins with family areas, including the backyard, and then discusses the specifics of bedrooms and baths from a nursery through a teenager"s room.
     Playrooms and hideaways are shown, as are homework centers, activity rooms, an indoor basketball court and a basement stage with track lighting. There are loft beds, built-in platforms and modular arrangements of furniture that can be rearranged as a child grows.
     The last chapter is devoted to "playing outside." Stacked tower playsets, platform bridges and ramps, playhouses elaborate and simple, and several gorgeous, summer treehouses are shown.
     Fully photographed in color, this book is great fun for housing a family, with many useful ideas.

. . . Barb Siddiqui