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The Complete Illustrated Guide to Finishing

The Complete Illustrated Guide to Finishing
by Jeff Jewitt

Taunton Press: 2004
Hardbound, 294 pp., $39.95
ISBN 1-56158-592-0

     Finishing expert Jeff Jewitt has completed a valuable addtion to Taunton's Complete Illustrated Guide series with 'Finishing.' In it, he devotes almost as much time to stock and surface preparation as he does to guidance on using different finishes.
     A long first chapter on tools covers everything from brushes and spray equipment to providing an ideal finishing environment. The author discusses temperature and humidity considerations, lighting, the storing of volatile products, spray booths, holding and moving finished pieces, and heating and ventilation of a shop space. Almost fifty pages are devoted to surface preparation, including hand and power tool methods, sealing knots and cracks, repairing any damage, and disguising fillers.
     Jewitt goes into great detail about coloring wood, using glazes and toners, natural dyes, chemical stains and bleaches. Fillers and sealers are explained, with advantages and disadvantages of the different types. Final finishes are divided into reactive, evaporative, and water-based finsih types, with final advice on how to rub out a finish for the ultimate polish.
     Every woodworker has his or her own favorite finishing regimine, and then sees someone else's work and wants to learn how to achieve one look or another. Here are the guidelines and the how-tos in a thorough and well organized volume of instruction.

. . . Barb Siddiqui