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Carving Tree Bark

Carving Tree Bark
by Rick Jensen and Jack A. Williams

Fox Chapel Publishing: 2004
Paperback, 76 pp., 14.95
ISBN 1-56523-218-6

     These carving projects are full of personality, and would make terrific craftshow items or personal decorations for yard or garden. The authors include carving tips on how to include detail work that instills the magic. You look at these little cliffside houses and wonder why nobody's home, or if the owners are just hiding from nosey humans.
     Wood and bark selection, hollowing techniques, repair of the inevitable tear or blow-out through the design, hand tools, rotary burrs, and glues are all discussed in detail. The authors show a wide variety of door and window patterns, thumbnail photos of stone wall patterns, and large, clear step by step procedures for going from raw cottonwood bark to finished castles with spiral staircases. The full gallery of finished work includes many Santa faces and wood spirits as well.
     The design of these projects is as wide as your imagination, and if you've never carved before, this book is a good introduction to using found wood and a variety of carving tools, with very entertaining results.

. . . Barb Siddiqui