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The Flooring Handbook

The Flooring Handbook
by Dennis Jeffries

Firefly Books: 2004
Paperback, 144 pp., $24.95
ISBN 1-55297-752-8

     Author Dennis Jeffries is head of product development at Floor Covering International, and the many years of experience he brings to this book are well evident in its scope and depth of coverage. He divides the book by initial selection of flooring types: hard floors, resilient flooring, wood floors and soft floors. Then he subdivides each section into how to design a floor with each material, its advantages and disadvantages, what subfloor is required, and step by step directions for installation.
     A first chapter goes into planning, design and layout, with a full color page of thumbnail examples to 'compare the look' of different flooring materials: concrete, ceramic, clay, mosaic, slate, limestone/sandstone, brick, marble/granite, terrazo, metal, glass, vinyl, cork, linoleum, rubber, leather, carpet, natural fiber, wood and laminates.
     The author lists a table of relative costs, levels of difficulty, and maintenance requirements. Preparation of the site is covered, including wood subfloors, concrete subfloors, moisture considerations, and dealing with baseboards, trim and moldings.
     For each type of material, color photos are included for eight to ten pattern examples installed in furnished rooms, allowing the reader to judge the relative textures and appearance in use. This is a finely done book and an excellent source for home remodelers to show clients what is available and how a material will look after it is installed.

. . . Barb Siddiqui