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Woodworking With The Router, Revised Edition

Woodworking With The Router
Revised Edition

by Bill Hylton

Reader's Digest Trade Publishing: 2006
Hardcover, 376 pp., $29.95
ISBN 0-7621-0800-2

     Over twenty years ago, Bill Hylton and Fred Matlack wrote the real 'bible' of woodworking with the router. At the time, it included everything a woodworker could want to know on how to make use of a versatile handheld or table-mounted tool. Twenty years is a long time, and Bill Hylton must have seen gaps in the coverage and jig improvements he needed to make. Thus, a revised edition of a classic book.
     The horizontal router table in the original volume, for example, was a plywood box with a side opening for mounting a router base plate horizontally. The new version utilizes T-track and two stacked sliding tables to "mimic the operation of a multi-axis slot mortiser." It looks complicated but exceedingly useful. Router tables get a longer chapter in the revised edition, including use of router lifts that weren't around twenty years ago. Hylton also has a chapter on routed glue joints and how to use lock-miter and drawer-lock bits efficiently.
     Without sacrificing any of the book's original jig-building wisdom, Mr. Hylton has upgraded, improved upon and re-constructed many of his router devices. The photography is clear and all in color, which is a nice improvement. The router is still the most versatile tool in a woodworker's shop, and Bill Hylton is still improving on its performance and sharing his discoveries.

. . . Barb Siddiqui