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Bill Hylton's Power Tool Joinery

Bill Hylton's Power Tool Joinery
by Bill Hylton

Popular Woodworking Books: 2005
Paperback, 128 pp., $24.99
ISBN 1-55870-738-7

     The author presents this as a basic manual for cutting common joinery with power tools, primarily the tablesaw and router, with added sections on the hollow chisel mortiser and the biscuit joiner. But if you are familiar with author Bill Hylton, you'll know he is a wizard when it comes to alternatives.
     Hylton's section on cutting dadoes and grooves covers dado and spline, dado and rabbet, dado and tongue, blind dadoes and stopped dadoes, each cut with single sawblades, dado blade setups, and router bits, both freehand and upside down in a table. Which brings us to the router table dadoing sled, the zero clearance insert for a tablesaw crosscut sled, and the adjustable width dadoing jig for handheld routers. All this with clear photos and full explanations of setups, shop aids and efficient helpers and tips.
     That's in one chapter. Picture the same for edge joints, mortise and tenons, dovetails, sliding dovetails, miter joints, half-lap joints, and splined joints. Plus biscuitry. If you added all the homemade jigs in this book to your shop, the efficiency and accuracy of every project undertaken would improve. You may need a large new storage shelf, though. If so, nearly any method of machined joinery you'd want to use for it, is covered in Hylton's new book.

. . . Barb Siddiqui