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Router Magic

Router Magic
by Bill Hylton

Rodale Press, 1996
Paperback, 314 pp., $18.95
SALE PRICE: $13.26
ISBN: 0-7621-0184-9

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    This volume is Bill Hylton's magic bag of router tricks, with jigs and accessories for everything from table routing to turning spindles and finials with a router. He gives detailed plans and exploded drawings for at least four different router tables, plus sleds, fences, feather boards, and dust collection accessories.
    You'll find ways to make your own edge guides, mortising templates and offset baseplates. Trammels and circle-cutting jigs are described, along with vacuum systems for trammel work and vacuum clamping. Hylton even gives plans to build a router duplicator for making copies of signs or three-dimensional carvings.
    The book's text is full of personality: "The most arresting thing about this device is not how gawky it is…what stops you in your tracks is this: it's a hovercraft! It isn't on wheels or casters. It isn't sliding on a smooth, slick surface. It is literally floating on air! Of course, once you get your brain restarted, you do want to know what this ungainly device is…"
    One especially useful section is the appendix on 'Jig-making materials and hardware.' This is full of advice on how to handle different types of plastics, with detailed instructions on boring, cutting, joining and polishing edges, as well as threading and tapping materials and using add-on hardware such as plastic knobs and toggle clamps.
    Well photographed and illustrated in black and white, Bill Hylton's 'Router Magic' bag of tricks will help you use your router to its full potential.

...Barb Siddiqui