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Fixtures and Chucks for Woodturning

Fixtures and Chucks for Woodturning
by Doc Green

Fox Chapel Publishing: 2011
Paperback, 176 pp., $22.95
ISBN 978-1-56523-519-9

     Turners tend to get comfortable with learned methods, repeating a standard chucking process with ease until the day they run upon a situation where the tried and true won't work. I've been turning for a few years now, and every once in a while I have to mutter, "Now, how am I going to do that?" Doc Green pretty well has that question covered, and I believe anything beyond the realm of his new book may fall into the category of wild and crazy ideas.
     Doc divides the book into twelve sections, all well-illustrated with clear photographs showing what he's talking about. He covers drive centers and live centers, faceplates and screw centers, scroll chucks, shop made and jam chucks, collets and mandrels, cole jaws, doughnut chucks and Longworth chucks, vacuum systems and their chucks, steady rests, and several turning projects to practice methods he has described.
     Every method presented carries with it the necessary cautions about what not to do as well as how to do it best. He explains leverage and torque, how a turning tool puts stress on the workpiece, and how best to prepare a blank for mounting on the lathe. The really nice thing about this book is that every method is presented with alternatives, so there are a variety of ways to solve a given problem. There are also lots of shop-built jigs and aids included.
     Unless you've solved every problem in handling wood on the lathe, Doc's book will be invaluable for enlightening each new challenge along a woodturner's path of experience.

. . . Barb Siddiqui