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The Art Of The Bandsaw

The Art Of The Bandsaw
by Mark Duginske

Sterling Publishers: 2001
Paperback, 144 pp., $19.95
ISBN 0-8069-3891-9

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     In this book, author/woodworker/inventor Mark Duginske not only introduces his expert advice on bandsaw use, but includes projects to allow practice of what he describes.
     The first third of the book is dedicated to bandsaw adjustments, blade use and various techniques such as using patterns and templates, joinery on the bandsaw, and making jigs and fixtures. He explains how to bandsaw rough logs, cutting straight lines 'by eye' using the sawblade kerf itself as a reference. He shows a circle-cutting jig and explains its use for everything from tabletops to a turner's bowl blanks. He illustrates use of a 'rub block', encasing the blade against a template to make perfect pattern cuts.
     The second part of the book gives a general description for completing a variety of bandsawn projects: candle sticks, lamp bases, shelves, clocks, bookends, toys, and more complicated tables and chairs. There are several ideas for bandsawn boxes, and useful jigs are included where needed.
     The final section of the book is a gallery of fine work by award-winning designer/makers. Stools by Glenn Gordon, a wooden clock by Dwight Speh, and chairs by Jeff Miller, are only a few of the gallery-quality items represented. Whether you are just learning to use a bandsaw, or want to try advanced techniques, Duginske's new book is full of guidance and inspiration.

. . . Barb Siddiqui