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The New Wood Finishing Book

The New Wood Finishing Book
by Michael Dresdner

Taunton Press, 1989
Paperback, 183 pp., $19.95
ISBN: 1-56158-299-9

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    Michael Dresdner has a fold-up, collapsible cardboard spray booth in his garage, and it is one of the handy-dandiest ideas for small shop finishing in print today.
     Dresdner's newly revised book is full of down-to-earth, practical advice on the complicated skill of finishing. He explains, with graphic illustrations, the difference between evaporative and reactive finishes, safety issues, applications and surface preparation.
     You'd expect all this in a finishing book, but Dresdner throws in litte asides such as, 'Is shellac really made of bug doots?' and 'Drew's revenge,' that make the book just plain good reading as well as instructive. Care and proper use of tools, from brushes to spray guns, is fully covered. Sealers, primers and pore fillers are explained. Repairing damaged finishes, filling voids and 'fool the eye' disguises are shown.
     Any good finishing book, it seems to me, should be photographed in color, and this one fills that requirement. Full color photography allows the reader to compare differences in applied examples of finish, as in an oil-base compared to a waterborne finish. Dyes and pigments show up in color with their different effects on similar wood species.
     The book has a comprehensive glossary of terms and is well indexed. It also has resource listings for where to buy materials. A very well done resource.

...Barb Siddiqui