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Making More Wooden Locks

Making More Wooden Locks
by Tim Detweiler

Linden Publishing: 2004
Paperback, 95 pp., $21.95
ISBN 0-941936-79-1

     After the popular success of his first book, Making Working Wooden Locks, Tim Detweiler has now put out plans and instructions for five new models: a push-button combination lock, a Chinese lock with a spring action locking slide, a screw key lock, a giant antique lever lock 15" high (see cover), and a bank/safe box with a combination dial using wooden tumblers.
    Every project is made completely of wood; there are no metal parts. The locks are, for the most part, greatly oversized to be used as showpieces or for gift giving, though the locksmithing principles could be adapted to toolboxes or other woodworking projects.
    Many of the plans are presented full scale, so parts and dimensions can be directly traced or copied. Step by step instructions and color diagrams lead the reader through each procedure.
    Detweiler finishes off with a gallery of wooden locks, including one beauty with a wood doorknob and intricate mortise lock using over ninety pieces, displayed on a stand. This man has much more patience than I do, but the projects are intriguing.

. . . Barb Siddiqui