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Carving on Turning

Carving on Turning
by Chris Pye

Guild of Master Craftsman Publications: 1995
Paperback, 160 pp., $19.95
ISBN 0-946819-88-2

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    "There are only two things you need to do if you want to learn to carve," says Chris Pye. "You need to start, somewhere, and then continue. . . Ask yourself how you became a competent turner and apply the same method. Turners already have many skills, of hand and eye, which are transferable to carving. . ."
     British Master Craftsman Chris Pye concentrates in this volume on adding carved detail to turned objects. "I have assumed the reader to has at least a basic understanding and competence in woodturning, both between centers and in faceplate work."
     From that premise, he leads the reader through the variety of carving tools most commonly used, methods of sharpening, and hold-down strategies for securing the work during decorative carving.
     He introduces, with increasing complexity, projects in full-color photos to illustrate textured surfaces, low and high relief, work in the round and an introduction to lettering. He shows how to carve gadroons, darts and berries, barley twists, frogs and pierced reliefs.
     This book is a great introduction for those turners who want to take their work to another level. Adding a unique style of carving to turned pieces sets them apart from others and opens new possibilities for a wide variety of design elements beyond the use of the lathe.

...Barb Siddiqui