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Turning for Furniture

Turning for Furniture
by Ernie Conover

Taunton Press, 1996
Paperback, 131 pp., $19.95
ISBN 1-56158-117-8

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    There are many books on the market dealing with lathes and woodturning, but the majority of them deal with artistically turned bowls and other face-plate turning. Author/teacher/lathe designer Ernie Conover has put together a beginner's shop manual in this volume on using the lathe to turn parts for furniture. He shares his knowledge on equipment, tools, sharpening, and several shop-made accessories for the lathe.
    Conover goes through procedures on table legs in both singe- and double-axis turning; he describes converging axes for cabriole legs and parallel-axes cabriole legs.
    Spindles for stretchers, bent-back posts, and even bed posts are covered in clear text and step by step black/white photos. He shows how to do carved columns, hand fluting and spirals. He covers pulls, finials and applied moldings.
    One of the most difficult tasks in turning for furniture is duplicating things accurately. Conover's book covers this subject well, with ideas for using 'master parts' and 'pattern sticks' as a guide when turning multiples of a pattern.
    The book is nicely indexed and has a useful appendix describing lathe centers, faceplates, chucks, jaws and tapers, plus a section discussing sharpening jigs and grinders.

...Barb Siddiqui