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Cutting Edge Tablesaw Tips & Tricks

Cutting Edge Tablesaw Tips & Tricks
by Kenneth Burton

Popular Woodworking Books: 2003
Paperback, 128 pp., $24.99
ISBN 1-55870-623-2

     Long-time teacher and furniture maker Ken Burton shows why the tablesaw is considered the central workhorse of any woodworking shop. He tells how to tune it up, keep it clean, test and align it. There are jigs aplenty here. The author shows how to accurately make your own miter gauge extension fence with a top T-slot for attaching stops or hold downs. He presents several sleds and cut off jigs, a rabbeting fence, tenoning jigs and home made table inserts.
     With color photos, Burton explains how to cut dovetails on a tablesaw, how to gauge for precise slip joints, and several jigs for accurate miters. His cove-cutting fence is beautifully simple, with only one setup to complete, then he easily removes the two pivoting ends from his jig, leaving the pre-set fence boards clamped in place as a guide to pass a workpiece over the blade for cove cutting. He also has a 'materials cart' with detachable outriggers that serves as outfeed support for full-size sheet stock.
     At the end of the book are three detailed projects that include techniques Burton has presented for use of the tablesaw. The first is a wall-hung spice cabinet with a deeply beveled, raised panel door. The second is an attractive tabletop valet, with a swivel-framed mirror and two drawers. The third is a demi-lune table with bent laminations for the aprons, tapered legs and a semi-circular top. There is no better way to retain the lessons given in the text than to put them to use in these three projects.
     The book is color throughout, with detailed drawings and exploded views of jigs and projects. The author introduces several market-ready tablesaw accessories, as well as the build-your-own variety.

. . . Barb Siddiqui