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Simple Marquetry

Simple Marquetry
by Mike Burton

Lark Books: 2001
Paperback, 128 pp., $17.95
ISBN 1-57990-171-0

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     If you've ever wanted to dress up a woodworking project with a special touch, marquetry may be the answer. "I'll present a number of different methods," Burton says in his introduction. "Try any and all, to determine which is best suited to your project, budget, work environment and comfort level."
     The author opens with a thorough description of where veneer comes from and what types are available. He discusses the significance of different thicknesses, how to deal with veneer's flaws and eccentricities, how to store it, dry it and and color it. Equipment, patterns and cutting techniques are all well illustrated and explained.
     Ground materials as well as adhesives and their various advantages, are discussed. Hammering, pressing and finishing are all extensively covered. A beautiful gallery of artistic projects shows what a wide variety of decoration the art of marquetry fulfills.
     The last half of Burton's book is set up in fifteen guided projects, including tool and material lists and step by step directions with marquetry patterns for boxes, framed pictures, wrapped canisters, a serving tray and Christmas ornaments, among others. The reader is encouraged throughout these projects to create new designs and use this art in innovative ways. This full-color volume is a useful guide to an age-old skill.

. . . Barb Siddiqui