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Making Wood Handles, Hinges and Knobs

Making Wood Handles, Hinges and Knobs
by Alan and Gill Bridgewater

Sterling Publishers: 1998
Paperback, 144 pp., $17.95
ISBN 0-8069-1335-5

     If you have ever wanted some unique ideas for dressing up a newly designed cabinet, cupboard or drawer, here they are. The Bridgewaters have designed and photographed many varieties of shopmade handles, knobs, latches and wooden hinges to add a special touch to all your woodworking endeavors.
     Black and white photographs and drawings give clear instructions for pierced and sculpted handles, bent laminations, turned knob and pin handles, beaded and grooved handles, knuckle pin hinges, disk pin hinges, rule-pin and inset dovetail hinges. The authors show how to make Arts & Crafts pieces, recessed, carved knobs, turned knobs, and many varieties of lifting, sliding, bolt and spring latches.
     An inset color section of photos shows the twenty-three different projects in finished applications. The authors suggest efficient techniques to make these items, including altered methods for different tools and special tips and "afterthoughts." There are working drawings, sequential photos of procedures, and many variations illustrated for each item.
     Such classy touches on handmade workpieces are what divide hackwork from artistic expression. The little extra time put in to make your own handles and knobs, shows an attention to detail that can become the focal point of anything you build. These authors make it easy.

. . . Barb Siddiqui