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1001 Tips For Woodworkers

1001 Tips For Woodworkers
by Percy Blandford

Linden Publishing: 2007
Paperback, 376 pp., $21.95
ISBN 1-933502-15-0

     Mr. Blandford has been a regular contributor of woodworking tips to many magazines for over seventy years. This massive collection is for amateur and professional craftsmen alike, but may appeal most to those with home workshops who aren't interested in buying every new jig on the market. The making of these woodworking aids can be accomplished quite effectively and economically.
     Black and white drawings illustrate short descriptions of shop aids for benches, hand tools, joints, clamping, routing, turning, using machine tools, finishing, sharpening, workshop techniques, and even household tips such as how to drill tile, how to use tapered battens to assure a cutting board won't warp, or how to build a deadman to support cabinets when attaching them to a wall. There are handmade bowl calipers and center finders, guide strips and T-squares for hand-held routers, and a plethora of task-specific push blocks. There are adjustable fences and featherboards, drilling jigs, wedge and cord clamping setups, deep-reach clamps, marking aids and gauges, advice on joinery, table extensions and supports, and different uses for cut wedges.
     Many of these tips are eye-openers for the uninitiated. Reading Blandford is full of 'aha!' moments, as in, "So, that's the way it works." Everything from how to hold awkward pieces of work to how to safely guide hand-held machines and adjust major equipment is covered. There is nothing like benefitting from an expert's experience, and Mr. Blandford has been generous for decades in sharing his with the rest of us.

. . . Barb Siddiqui