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All Screwed Up!

All Screwed Up!
by John Berkeley

Linden Publishing: 2005
paperback, 120 pp., 24.95
ISBN 0941936-93-7

     Specializing in the technique of hand chasing wooden threads, author John Berkeley presents a variety of useful projects from turned, lidded boxes to creative puzzles (with their solutions) so his techniques can be used to produce something interesting while learning.
     The author states, "I myself learned from a book, so it cannot be too difficult." He's apparently had fun at it. "I feel sure," he says, "that the original object of these puzzles was for turners to make them, rather than for people to solve them."
     Berkeley begins with safety precautions and general information on chasing wooden threads, then jumps right in to practicing on a turned box lid. He includes twenty different projects, from small hand-held marble roll puzzles to a ball and chain puzzle and a screw-apart miniature cannon. Each is photographed step by step, and even though the photos are reproduced from a digital camera, they are clear and well focused. He includes a lot of advice and numerous practical tips in his explanations of the process.
     Adding new personal skills to one's arsenal is part of the ongoing interest we all have in woodworking, and Berkeley's book is a well done presentation of this specific technique.

. . . Barb Siddiqui