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Complete Illustrated Guide to Tablesaws

Complete Illustrated Guide to Tablesaws
by Paul Anthony

Taunton Press: 2009
Paperback, 220 pp., $24.95
ISBN 978-1-60085-011-0

     Paul Anthony has written a book that is so much more than a manual on how to use a table saw. For every instruction he includes, he offers tips such as the best method to achieve clean cuts, whether it is using backer boards, or establishing the order of cuts to eliminate tear out.
     All the basics are here, as you would expect, from choosing and using the tool, to tune-up, maintenance, jig-building and set up for joinery. The author goes through the arguments of standard debates such as left-tilt vs. right-tilt table saws, splitters vs. riving knives, and the perennial discussion of use of the table saw guard. His guidance on after-market and homemade splitters and guards leaves the woodworker with no more excuses for their own safety.
     An especially nice feature of Taunton's Complete Illustrated Guide series, including Anthony's Tablesaw book, is the cross-referencing available on nearly every page. In the section on ripping and cross-cutting blades, is a sidebar reference to 'See Dressing Stock,' one-hundred-fifty pages later. The directions to build a tall auxiliary fence include a reference to 'See Applying Plastic Laminate' later in the book, to complete its instructions.
     In a long section on producing table saw joinery, Anthony thoughtfully covers many different methods. Crosscutting, for example, is illustrated with step by step directions for using a miter gauge, a crosscut sled, cutting multiples with stop blocks, flip stops, or fence blocks. He illustrates how to build many common table saw jigs, and gives basic instructions on joinery.
     From dressing your own rough lumber, to dealing with problem workpieces and fitting add-ons to your saw, Paul Anthony has covered everything to do with table saw maintenance and operation. As far as table saw books go, this one is very much worth purchasing.

. . . Barb Siddiqui