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Working With Power Tools

Working With Power Tools
edited by
Paul Anthony

Taunton Press: 2007
Paperback, 284 pp., $21.95
ISBN 978-1-56158-872-5

     This is a collection of Fine Woodworking's best articles on tool use and maintenance, with any gaps covered by original content from editor Paul Anthony. Pat Warner discusses template routing, Paul Schürch writes about choosing and using a scrollsaw, and Yeung Chan describes the building of five router jigs. There are authoritative articles on drill presses, biscuit cutters, mortisers, jointers, planers, shapers, spindle sanders, routers, and, of course, tablesaws and bandsaws.
     Understanding how to properly use all these machines is a prerequisite for success in any wood project, and the experts are all gathered here to lead the unknowing as well as those who have forgotten much of what their user's manual may have given them, if it was written in understandable English, that is.
     Learn from Brian Boggs how to choose correct drill bits for different jobs, how to identify trouble spots for tear-out on a tablesaw from Steve Latta, and how to do a complete tablesaw tune-up from Roland Johnson. From small-scale dust collection to squaring up rough stock, and from infeed/outfeed support for the bandsaw to building router tables, this collection of advice and guidance is aimed at making better woodworkers out of all who read it. If you've taken Fine Woodworking magazine for many years, you may have already read these articles. Here they are collected in one go-to book when you need an update on the efficient use of your machinery.

. . . Barb Siddiqui