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Home Storage Projects

Home Storage Projects
by Paul Anthony

Taunton Press: 2002
Paperback, 172 pp., $19.95
ISBN 1-56158-498-3

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     Everyone needs storage solutions, and why not customize and expand your woodworking skills while organizing? Paul Anthony has compiled 13 projects of varying skill levels, designed by himself and several professional woodworkers.
     He presents a modular compact disc cabinet that stacks seamlessly, giving the appearance of a finely crafted piece of furniture. An audio cassette cabinet uses spline miters at the corners to leave no exposed edges. A 78-in.-long desktop organizer includes drawers, file holders, paper trays and CD storage. A solid cherry printer stand is attractive enough to reside in the living room as a collector's cabinet.
     These are not just 'bedroom closet' storage projects, but challenging pieces of fine woodworking: an under-bed pedestal full of drawers, a mobile guest closet adaptable to many uses, and a storage bench with splayed, slatted arms reminiscent of a sleigh bed design.
     Photographed in full color, with line drawings to illustrate and explain procedures step by step, the book presents complete construction diagrams, then offers design options for customizing the projects.
     Anthony gives tips and hints throughout: how to install a full-mortise lock, inset an escutcheon, tablesaw finger joints, and how to clamp four mitered case sides together to support the tool while routing spline mortises.
     Many of these projects would be ideal for a novice woodworker, because the author gives instructions in detail, and several of them would be challenging for intermediate woodworkers as well. In terms of guiding someone through the construction of a project, this book is very well done. Anthony includes good advice on clamping cauls, router guides, alignment jigs and other valuable workshop aids to help ensure a successful project the builder can take pride in.
     Plenty of explanatory text and large, clear photos guide the reader through each step. A listing of sources and a contributor's index completes the book.

. . . Barb Siddiqui