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Advantage Lumber
We are the global leader in manufacturing exotic hardwood decking, siding, live-edge slabs, and cabinet-grade lumber. Since 1992, customers from around the world have chosen us for sustainable, Lacey-Act-compliant, premium-grade materials; timely service; and expert advice. Contact us today to discover the Advantage Difference. Our FSC® Chain of Custody is certified by Preferred by Nature.
Lumber, veneers, inlay materials, finishes, books, plans, hardware, tools and woodworking accessories
Hobby Hardwood Alabama
Hobby Hardwood Alabama is a #1 rated, full time, small, friendly, family owned sawmill and lumber operation specializing in producing some of the highest grade wood domestic and exotic lumber in the country, and are located in New Market, Alabama, just north of Huntsville. We don't sell the same low grade wood everyone else sells, we sell the best of the best. Our standard grade is at the top of the NHLA high grade scale, and our walnut two grades above. Typically, our wood is graded as Ultra Prime. We literally hand inspect every single board before it goes on the sales rack, and if it doesn't meet our standards, among the highest in the country, then we will fix it with our specialty tooling or cull it so you don't have to. Unlike many lumber stores who prohibit it, we allow and encourage "picking" or customers selecting just the pieces they want.

We sell about 47 species and cuts of the highest quality kiln dried and planed domestic and exotic hardwood lumber milled from trees harvested locally in North Alabama and Southern Tennessee, or from the highest grade suppliers across the country. We sell to businesses, hobbyists, craftsmen and professional woodworkers who want great wood for a great price. Serving New Market, Huntsville, Alabama, Tennessee and surrounding areas. We will sell one board at a time, if that's what you want. Come on by, take a look and you'll see some wood that will make your eyes light up.

Maclumber Inc.
Information about plastic lumber used in outdoor applications
Matthew Peech
Welcome everyone to this woodworking community. I am so excited to share a little about myself so you can understand why I do what I do. I live in a small town in Kentucky where I was born and raised. I am first and foremost a husband to my wife Laura and father to 4 amazing children. I was a nurse for 15 years before transitioning to a full-time woodworker and content creator. I guess you could say I’ve been a builder and maker from the start…. I was that kid who asked Santa for lumber and tools instead of toys…The kid that loved the outdoors so much I had to be made to come inside. That passion grew along with me…and now my goal is to share it with the world by creating content to learn from, motivate, and simply let people know… “You’ve got this!”
The Engineered Wood Association
Information about all aspects of engineered lumber

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