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American Association of Woodturners (AAW)
AAW is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the art and craft of woodturning worldwide through education.
Anderson Ranch Arts Center
Offering 25 woodworking, wood turning, and furniture design workshops starting in June 2008
Art For Every Day
All types of architectural carvings.
Art Liestman-Surface Enhanced Woodturning
Personal page of Art Liestman
Artisans of the Valley
Artisans of the Valley in New Jersey specializes in hand crafted custom woodworking, including period furniture reproductions and custom built-in furniture.
Kits, books, and materials for making castings and molds.
Best Guitar Parts
All kinds of parts for guitar building including tuners, bridges, and electronics.
C. R. Onsrud
The Onsrud family's machine manufacturing legacy, was born in the heart of the Chicago industrial core, and now spans 5 Generations. Oscar Onsrud and his son Rudy took manufacturing to a new level in 1915 when they built the world's first "Jet Motor" (air turbine) hand router. Since that day, the Onsrud family has become synonymous with cutting materials. And so has the entrepreneurial spirit. After honing his skills in his grandfather and father's business, Onsrud Machine Works, C.R. Onsrud founder, Charlie Onsrud headed south to bring the innovative thinking and skills to North Carolina. Like a piece of heirloom furniture, that same innovative spirit has been handed down to Charlie's sons, and grandchildren.

Virtually every aircraft built for the U.S. war effort in WWII had parts made on Onsrud routers. Most of those machines are still in use today! Almost every M-1 rifle stock built in the Springfield Armory was made on an Onsrud machine. It is difficult to walk through any major furniture plant worldwide without finding an Onsrud machine in service. In 1976 we raised the standard again when Charles Onsrud patented the "Inverted Router™", an idea and a machine that revolutionized the woodworking industry, increasing safety and usability. Today our CNC routers are quietly revolutionizing the concept of value by giving you the best-performing machines in the industry at a cost that our competitors say is not possible.

How do we do that? Through mass production and standardization, through modular construction and efficient design, we can supply 4000 inch per minute (ipm) speed, the rigidity of cast iron construction, "multi-drill" units, aggregates, saws, C-axis and 5-axis capability with multiple spindles on any of the many frame designs we offer. For the 4th year in a row C.R. Onsrud, Inc. has won the "Wood Digest Brand Preference" study!

When the Wood Working Machinery Distributors Association decided to honor the machinery manufacturer that most exemplified the type of company they wanted to represent, through quality and innovation, parts availability, overall value, and customer and distributor support, they created "The Partner of the Year Award" in 1994. Who won that very first Partner of the Year Award? C. R. Onsrud, Inc.! Yes! We have always done things differently and we're proud of it! That's what American leadership is all about!

As always, our competitors will someday offer the innovations we have already introduced, but you can have them today from the innovators - C.R. Onsrud, Inc.

Carr Lane
Component parts for jigs and fixtures
Central c.n.c. Machinery Ltd
Central c.n.c. Machinery Ltd., was formerly Central Woodworking Machinery Co. Ltd., founded in 1962, in Huddersfield, and originally supplied a wide range of new and second hand traditional woodworking machinery.

In 1994, Central introduced the Elu CNC860 c.n.c. Router to their range, and sold a large number of these entry level c.n.c. machines for many different applications. Central continue to service and support this machine where possible, although it is no longer in production.

Following the success of the Elu machine, Central began importing a range of larger, flat bed c.n.c. routers, and began production of their own range of heavy duty c.n.c. routers in 1999.

Today, Central are the UK agents for Rensi c.n.c. Routers, offering a wide range of models with exceptional value for money. Many of the cnc routers Central now supply are used in the manufacture of orthotics, and Central supply machines, jigs, servicing, software support, cutters, etc., to many customers, including the NHS, for this specialised application.

Although the company name has changed to reflect the nature of the business, Central still supply a wide range of tooling and accessories for both c.n.c. routers and traditional woodworking machines, as well as new woodworking machinery.

Still a family business, Stuart Merewood, managing director of Central c.n.c. Machinery Ltd., is the son of Jack Merewood, one of the founders of Central Woodworking Machinery Co. Ltd.

Chicago Woodturners
This club, located in the Suburban Chicago Area, provides a forum to promote the art and craft of woodturning through education, information and community programs.
Classic Designs
Ready to finish table legs and other furniture parts
Colliflower LLC
Colliflower, LLC started as a company set on improving the quality of table saw and miter saw throat plates by making lasting (metal) replaceable-insert zero-clearance plates. Out with the cheap plastic plates and in with the anodized (and now powder coated) aluminum, perpetual ZC plates. Colliflower, LLC then moved on to improving work-holding and clamping in the metalworking world, the riding experience in the Ducati cruiser world, the routing and workstation experience in the wood working world, and the fishing (downrigging) experience in the Alumacraft world. (We are the original makers of a downrigger mount that is compatible with the Alumatrac.)
Delorie Software
Chord and segmented rings calculators plus other interesting articles.
Elaire Corporation
The Elaire Corporation is the leading manufacturer of precision work holding and tool holding components, Our parts are 100% compatible with other original equipment manufacturers. All parts are made at our Toledo Ohio facility and meet or exceed industry standards.
Electrolysis: Ted Kinsey
A paper on the use of electrolysis in artifact restoration. Woodworking relevance is in cleaning up old tools.
Facebook WoodCentral
Our mission is to be the leading online resource bringing together the woodworking community through content aggregation, education, and inspiration. By compiling high-quality articles, videos, tutorials, project plans, and news from top creators, experts, and brands across the web into one searchable location, we enable both novice and experienced woodworkers to continuously learn, expand their skills, get inspired for projects, and connect with fellow artisans. Our comprehensive woodworking content hub aspires to make the limitless world of wood craftsmanship accessible to all - fostering education, creativity, and community in the spirit of celebrating this timeless craft.
Infinity Cutting Tools
Infinity Cutting Tools is a worldwide distributor of high quality woodworking tools with headquarters in Oldsmar, Florida. We specialize in premium quality router bits, router bit sets, shaper cutters, carbide sawblades, stacked dado blades, planer & jointer knives, insert tooling, and many more woodworking accessories. Since we opened our doors in 2003, the Infinity Tools brand has stood for excellence in design and engineering. Starting from with a small warehouse with only 50 items, we have grown to now stock thousands of premium quality innovative products and hard-to-find woodworking accessories. Drawing on over 30 years of experience in the woodworking industry, we partner with local and global factories to source finely made cutting tools at the most competitive prices possible. And although our family-owned company is only 14 years old, my experience bringing award-winning design and innovation to the woodworking market has much deeper roots.
Marquetry, intarsia, inlay, and mosaic. tools, books and articles.
Instock Fasteners
Over 20,000 fasteners available. Hundreds of millions of parts in stock at 12 locations throughout North America.
Internet Art Resources
Art resources. Links to galleries and museums
Lester Woodworking
I have been making things from wood since I was old enough to use a saw. I grew up on a dairy and tobacco farm. We built everything ourselves and fixed things when they broke. I have been employed by Washington County Public Schools since 1994 in the Technology Department. Cristie and I have been married since 1995 and we live and work in Abingdon, VA.
Martin J. Donnelly antique tools and books
Antique tools and books
Matthew Peech
Welcome everyone to this woodworking community. I am so excited to share a little about myself so you can understand why I do what I do. I live in a small town in Kentucky where I was born and raised. I am first and foremost a husband to my wife Laura and father to 4 amazing children. I was a nurse for 15 years before transitioning to a full-time woodworker and content creator. I guess you could say I’ve been a builder and maker from the start…. I was that kid who asked Santa for lumber and tools instead of toys…The kid that loved the outdoors so much I had to be made to come inside. That passion grew along with me…and now my goal is to share it with the world by creating content to learn from, motivate, and simply let people know… “You’ve got this!”
McFeely's Square Drive Screws
Fasteners, books, plans, wooden parts, tools abrasives
Men's Shed
Discover a place to connect, a community to belong to & mates that make it all worthwhile. Not all Men’s Sheds are the same. If you looked inside you might see a number of men making furniture, perhaps restoring bicycles for a local school, making Mynah bird traps, fixing lawn mowers or making a cubby house for Camp Quality to raffle. You might also see a few young men working with the older men obtaining new skills and learning something about life from the men with whom they work. You might see local elders making traditional weapons or designing arts and crafts. You will see tea-bags, coffee cups and a comfortable area where men can sit and talk. You will probably also see an area where men can learn to cook for themselves or how to contact their families by computer.
Musical Instrument Maker's Forum
Acoustic guitar building, electric guitar making, archtop guitar building, violin making, dulcimer making, mandolin building, banjo building, or any other type of lutherie; pickup winding and rewinding; drum making; flute and recorder making and repair; brass instrument building and repair; and more. We invite you to participate on the Musical Instrument Makers Forum, an interactive forum for the discussion of musical instrument construction, design and repair; welcoming builders of all instruments at any skill level from expert to wannabe. For fifteen years the web's premier site for instrument builders.
New England Woodcarvers
Info on New England woodcarving and articles about how to get started.
Philadelphia Museum of Art
Lots of pictures of collection
Reading Furniture
We're not just furniture makers; we're artists committed to crafting pieces that transform your spaces into sanctuaries of comfort and style
Rev-A-Shelf, LLC Louisville, Kentucky

Originally a division of Ajax Hardware (California) Rev-A-Shelf was established in 1984 as a division of Jones Plastics and Engineering, a family owned injection molder of appliances parts, and other custom polymer components (ISO 9002 Certified) with six manufacturing facilities in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Mexico.

Our Product line began as metal and polymer Lazy Susan components manufactured for the largest U.S. cabinet manufacturers and has grown into the market leading innovator of quality, functional residential cabinet storage and organizational products such as Lazy Susans, Kitchen Drawer Organizers, Base Cabinet and Pantry Pull-Outs, functional Waste Containers, LED lighting systems and Childproof Locking System. Our worldwide presence extends from the U.S. to Europe, Asia, and Mexico, with factories, warehouses and satellite offices strategically located to serve an expanding customer base of kitchen dealers, architects, furniture manufactures, cabinet industry distributors and retail home centers worldwide.

A "whole home" approach has expanded the current product categories to include: kitchen, bath, closet, and childproof cabinet products targeted toward the middle to luxury end of the customer demographic.

The history of Rockler Woodworking and Hardware goes back to 1954, when Norton Rockler started the Minnesota Woodworkers Supply Company in north Minneapolis. It was a small mail-order business with a big aspiration – to become woodworkers' go-to resource for everything they need to complete their projects.

Since then, we've grown into an industry-leading woodworking and hardware source with a nationwide chain of stores and international reach through our catalogs and website. In many ways, a lot has changed. We've continuously added to our offerings as woodworking technologies have advanced, and we're constantly working to bring the industry's most innovative products, thinking and education to our stores and website.

But in other important ways, much has remained the same. Throughout our history, Rockler has been a family-owned business – and in business, as with family, relationships are important. We still work with many of the same vendors whose products appeared in our catalogs decades ago. And we still strive to establish connections with you, our customers, that extend well beyond mere financial transactions. We want you to know that we're invested in your success. You can count on us for the products, advice and encouragement you need to finish your projects, and you can count on us to stand behind the things we sell. As our founder wrote in the introduction to a 1988 catalog, "Our commitment to you doesn't end when the package arrives."

We're also committed to the future of woodworking, DIY, and the natural resources that make woodworking possible. That's why we strive to provide "green" products, to emphasize recycling and to support sustainable forest growth through the Hardwood Forestry Fund. We're particularly gratified that Rockler has been named the 2014 recipient of the Forestry Fund's Gifford Pinchot Award in recognition of the company's "significant effort to plant hardwood trees in America."

So as we celebrate our rich history, we look forward to many more years in the shop with you. Our goal still is to be your go-to DIY resource – for everything you need to build both your projects and your confidence.
Ron Kent Collection
Turned wood works of art
Scherr's Cabinets and Doors
Doors, cabinets and other cabinet parts
Stewart MacDonald
Materials and parts for building stringed instruments
The Oak Factory
Originally established as a keg business, our focus soon shifted to the production of 59-gallon American white oak wine barrels sourced from our backyard of Central and Northern Missouri. In 2000, Silver Oak became a 50 percent partner and together we invested in sustainably forested Missouri timberland to maintain long-term barrel production. Fifteen years later, Silver Oak acquired full ownership, recognizing “an opportunity to maintain exacting barrel-making standards and secure a consistent supply of aged stave wood,” according to Tony LeBlanc, Silver Oak General Manager. “The flavors and textural components of American white oak from Central and Northern Missouri are the perfect balance of spice and vanilla flavors to complement the black fruit character of our wines.” Today, we maintain a laser-like focus on the quality and consistency of our classic 59-gallon American oak wine barrels, while also producing a small number of American and French Oak barrels for the whiskey and bourbon industries. Each barrel is handcrafted by a team of highly skilled, hard-working men and women who preserve and advance the time-honored craft of artisanal barrelmaking.
The Wood Whisperer
The Wood Whisperer started in 2006 as the first online video series about woodworking. Since then, we’ve grown into a small family-run business with several employees and a number of folks we count on to help us keep the website running and the content rolling out.
Tommies Wooden bowls
Turned wooden bowls. Also has an article about making segmented bowls with good pictures of the process.
Tools For Working Wood
Tools for Working Wood began in late 1990s as part of the Museum of Woodworking Tools, a virtual, on-line museum with exhibits about tools and their social context. It was the early days of the Internet and the museum was one of the first virtual museums on the web. Like all great museums, the Museum of Woodworking Tools had a gift shop. Initially the gift shop sold only Museum mugs, but slowly the Museum began to carry spare parts of Stanley planes, and then fine reproduction of classic planes. Tools for Working Wood was born.

The late 1990s and early 2000s experienced a resurgence of classic woodworking tools, and the new Tools for Working Wood expanded its selection of woodworking tools from all over the world. But in time being a vendor - even a vendor of the very best tools - was too limiting. We wanted to make and sell our own tools too. Tools for Working Wood created two award-winning tool lines: Gramercy Tools and BT&C (Brooklyn Tool & Craft). The Gramercy Tools line, which includes dovetail, sash, veneer, bow and carcase saws; finishing brushes; saw vise; riffler and cabinetmaker’s rasps; and patented holdfasts, are sold all over the world by fine tool sellers, but in the USA only by Tools for Working Wood exclusively. Our BT&C line, which features planing stops, brushes, shellac, spots, the versatile hardware saw and a range of nails, is carried by other tool sellers in the USA and overseas. We look to expanding both lines to bring innovative solutions to woodworking. That’s basically our goal in creating and operating Tools for Working Wood: bringing solutions to woodworking challenges, so you can do your best work and have fun doing so.

We invite you to join our community of dedicated craftspeople, building things with our hands, passing on traditions and learning from each other. We aim to provide the best tools with the best customer service. If you’re in the New York area, come visit our showroom and play with the tools in person. If you’re not, shop on-line or give us a call. We’d love to hear from you.

Tyler Brown Woodworking
I loved to build things from an early age starting with Legos and now progressing to woodworking. My journey down the path of woodworking started with my son who needed a crib and bedroom suite before he arrived. I luckily got it done in time with minimal tools and it has held up now for 2 kids and will hopefully last a few generations. The reason I created this site and YouTube channel is to share with you the projects and plans I create for my own personal use. I don’t claim to be a professional woodworker or know everything about the craft but I do my best to learn from my mistakes and get things done. I hope you enjoy the content and builds while finding the available plans helpful in becoming more productive in your woodworking hobby!
Wayne Barton's Alpine School of Woodcarving
Chipcarving classes
Wood Barter
As the name implies, Wood Barter was conceived as a place where woodworkers can trade wood at no cost to the parties involved other than the parties' own shipping costs. Members can also buy and sell wood here at no cost to them. Members are dealing with other individual members when they engage in trades (“trade/s” include buying, selling, or trading).
Wood N Heart
Custom furniture and turnings. Weblog also.

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