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  ever had new lawn hydroseeded? - 22 Sep 2023, 12:39 pm
Just wondering - if you have had a new lawn (from dirt) hydroseeded - how thick was the mulch that was put down with the seed and fertilizer?

  Starting over... small hybrid shop must haves? - 22 Sep 2023, 3:03 am
Hey all, formerly very active member crawling back out of the dust and cobwebs to hopefully be around a bit more. We've had some crazy life stuff including adding a kid to our lives, my spouse getting very sick but making it through, moving houses to one with no good shop area, changing jobs 2-3 times... it's been a crazy 6 years not even counting this whole pandemic thing thrown in there for good measure.

My tools have all been mothballed all this time, but if all goes to plan I'm about to join some friends in a shared studio space where I'll get a small corner to call my own and set back up a woodworking space. They do other types of arts (a jeweler and a general crafter), so I'll need to be very good about dust management; a strong point in the pro column for going mostly hand tools.
It'll be maybe 150-200 sq ft of dedicated space out of a 600 sq ft studio so not a ton to work with given needing lumber storage in there too, but nice tall 11' ceilings, so I can go vertical for storage. I'm thinking it should be plenty to setup a small hybrid space to do some furniture building and keep me sane. Maybe I can finally finish that Maloof style rocker that's in pieces in my shed too...
Big Grin

So if you were doing a small hybrid shop setup prioritizing lower dust and noise levels, what would be your required larger tailed tools? 
  • My hand tool collection is ample, and I know how to use a jointer plane.
  • Not counting things that can go in drawers like routers or orbital sanders.
  • Dust collection/vacuums are a given and will be added on as needed.
  • Buying mostly S2S/S3S wood, or planing rough wood down in my yard/driveway (or having someone else do it locally) before taking to the studio.
I'm thinking this as a kind of prioritized list...

Key tools:
  • Workbench. Duh.
  • Bandsaw (I have a Rikon 14" Deluxe)
  • Miter Saw or RAS
  • Drill Press
  • Track Saw + dust extractor
Lower priority:
  • Lathe (possibly up to key? depends on projects. Good dust collection will be a PITA.)
  • Oscillating spindle/belt sander
  • Scroll Saw
  • Jointer
  • Planer
  • Table Saw (though maybe on wheels with a plywood topper and use it as a multi-function table in the middle of the space?)
Leaning towards throwing the jointer up towards key... it's on wheels and can easily stow away somewhere when not needed, and for larger pieces (benches, tables) it'd be VERY helpful.

What am I missing? What am I discounting too far?

  Kokopelli Canvas - 21 Sep 2023, 10:21 pm
Hello once again everyone This will be my next canvas. Made from a glued up Maple blank, this will be another Kokopelli theme project. There will be piercing, carving and coloring, this is just the  8" x 8" hollowed blank with 1/4" wall. The base section will be cut away after all the Piercing & carving work is complete.

.jpg   1.JPG (Size: 222.73 KB / Downloads: 40)

.jpg   IMG_6037.jpg (Size: 668.95 KB / Downloads: 40)

.jpg   IMG_6039.jpg (Size: 630.38 KB / Downloads: 40)

.jpg   IMG_6048.jpg (Size: 572.04 KB / Downloads: 40)

.jpg   IMG_6055.jpg (Size: 532.46 KB / Downloads: 40)

.jpg   IMG_6058.jpg (Size: 536.32 KB / Downloads: 40)

.jpg   IMG_6060.jpg (Size: 524.7 KB / Downloads: 40)

.jpg   IMG_6071.JPG (Size: 506.38 KB / Downloads: 40)

  Spraying PolyUrethane Question - 21 Sep 2023, 2:08 pm
I need to refinish the cabinets in my kitchen and am going to use polyurethane as the protective coat.  My question: is it better to spray polyurethane with an airless sprayer, a HVLP system or a LVLP spray gun?

  Swapping Out Kitchen Drawer Cabinets - 20 Sep 2023, 7:38 pm
My kitchen cabinets have these old style slides, and they're all a bit hincky:

.jpg   IMG_6825.JPG (Size: 111.88 KB / Downloads: 194)

.jpg   IMG_6826.JPG (Size: 107.06 KB / Downloads: 194)

.jpg   IMG_6827.JPG (Size: 66.91 KB / Downloads: 194)

If I want to replace them with Accurides, I assume I'll need to add a piece of ply from the front to back to affix the slide?  
What's the best way to position the slide on the drawer and frame to get the drawer front to line up correctly?  The drawer front is the front piece of the box -- not a separate piece screwed in place.
Maybe it's not as daunting as I think, but I'm guessing I'd get it off by 1/4" or so, and the drawer wont fit.

Would it be easier to just build new drawers?

  A simpler Wedgie sled - 20 Sep 2023, 2:25 pm
If you have been putting off segmented turning because making a Wedgie sled with those curved slots was more trouble than it was worth, look at this one.

A piece of scrap MDF, a miter slot bar made any way you care to, and a couple feet of Tee track are all you need. Both rabbets for the tee tracks and the slots in the fences are straight. You could even get by with one hole and one slot in each fence if cutting two slots is too much work. It really can't get much simpler.

Set it with a cheap drafting triangle from the mart of walls and you're in business for 12-segment rings.

.jpg   IMG_E5604.JPG (Size: 765.36 KB / Downloads: 94)

  Posting Photos With an iPhone? - 19 Sep 2023, 11:47 pm
Sorry if this is the wrong place for this question, but is is possible to post a photo from an iPhone?  I've tried a bunch of times, but can't seem to do it.
If it is, I'd love a quick tutorial.

Thanks in advance.

  WTB- 1" Powered Tenon Cutter - 19 Sep 2023, 8:21 pm
I decided I need to build a rustic cedar bench and I'm going to need to cut round tenons on the legs. Before I go to an on-line retail site, I thought I'd ask here if anyone has one they want to sell. I looked at Lee Valley but it's more than I want to spend. That said, if I can't find one I'll probably buy one of theirs. It doesn't have to be 1", but it's for bench legs so I want something fairly stout. I don't know anything about these, so I'm also open to advice on what to buy (or not buy) and where, etc. Thanks.

  Replacing Jet Cab Saw motor - 19 Sep 2023, 5:29 pm
I have a Jet 10 inch Xacta cabinet saw where the motor is toast, according to my electrician son.
OEM is serious $$....more than I paid for the saw 20 years ago - $600.
I've looked at Grainger, Grizzly, and various other sites. The cheapest I've found is just under $500. Ideas? Has any one had to go down this road lately?

  DC South of Boston - 18 Sep 2023, 5:19 pm
An awesome dust collector for a home workshop - 800 CFM of suction. Shop Fox 1 HP - Powerful enough to handle a tablesaw, jointer, or planer. Single phase for standard household outlet.

It is has been in use in my shop for many years and it works flawlessly. I have upgraded my DC and now have this available well below retail. Retail price $300
Cash only sale - $150

I cannot figure out how to post the pic. If you are interested send me a pm and we can exchange emails. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  HNT Gordon Planes New in Box - 18 Sep 2023, 4:53 pm
I recently acquired a substantial collection of HNT Gordon planes. These are absolutely beautiful planes made in Australia of Australian Gidgee and brass by the master plane maker Terry Gordon. These planes are in new/unused condition and come with the original boxes and packaging (some are even packaged with bits of Australian newspaper!). These rarely come up for sale, and almost never come up for sale in new/unused condition. I am offering these planes at roughly 80% of the retail price, plus shipping. PayPal goods/services preferred. If you are interested, please include you zip code in your private message so I can come up with shipping quote.

Dado Planes:

1/8”: $388
1/4”: $388
3/4”: $399

[Image: IMG-3956.jpg]" />

Skew Rabbe/Rebatet Planes:

1/2”: $164
3/4”: $172
1”: $192

[Image: IMG-3957.jpg]" />

Snipe Bill Planes (Pair)

Pair: $432

[Image: IMG-3959.jpg]" />

Side Round Planes (Pair)

Pair: $345

[Image: IMG-3958.jpg]" />

[Image: IMG-3960.jpg]" />

  I'd rather buy it... - 18 Sep 2023, 12:55 pm
...than make the 'butcher block' top for this little kitchen work table Jean wanted.  I bought some countertop from IKEA 20 years ago that was beech and reasonably affordable.   Don't see the beech anymore, and I'd be in for well over $300 for the two pieces of bamboo mock up I'd need... and I'd still have to cut and work it.   So off the lumberyard I go for some beech or birch or maple... which ever is cheapest today.  And a couple bottles of Titebond Ultimate.  Figure I'll be all in from prolly $150 and a few hours of retiree time.  

.jpg   20230917_181527.jpg (Size: 972.32 KB / Downloads: 398)

  SOLD FS - Hammond G40B Glider Trim-o-saw $500 - 18 Sep 2023, 5:42 am
Clean, complete Hammond Glider G40B sliding table Trim-O-Saw. $500.

These are fantastic, beefy little machines. Sliding table with 24" crosscut capacity. The can be modified to take standard woodworking blades. I know of no other saw like them. Small footprint, amazing crosscut capacity, super stable and quiet.

I love these saws so much, I got an older one. It's slightly heavier yet!

Manual & parts diagrams


Modified arbor for standard woodworking blades


Bob Vaughan wrote a very nice article on these saws in Fine Woodworking a few years ago. Here's his log of modifications to his personal saw


The miter finger moves freely. And the bronze half nut is in good shape.

Arbor runs true and smoothly. 

1hp 1730rpm 3 Phase motor currently wired for 220v. Runs very nicely. If you don't have 3phase power, I can fit with a VFD or single phase motor - talk to me for price.

The table has a nice patina and is just that. No rust pitting. If you prefer the shiny look, it should be a quick cleanup with WD-40 and a razor. Again, I'm willing to do the cleanup if you pay me.

The only issues I know of are
  • blade guard is broken. It's a clean break, and should be very repairable.
  • belt guard is missing - I can supply measurements if you want to make one
  • grinding wheel nut is missing - again, happy to provide measurements

Pickup in Chicago preferred. Forklift available to load. With a little time, I can get this to Rockford, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Ann Arbor for some gas money. I will likely be driving to Maine this fall, and could be bribed to bring it along Rochester/Boston/Bangor (2 kids in van for days - they need the bribes, not me.)

PayPal, cash, or zelle. I can probably find a way to do venmo or one of the other myriad payments if I must.

Feel free to make an offer, I won't be offended.

Thanks for looking

.jpg   PXL_20230918_021627165.jpg (Size: 761.13 KB / Downloads: 171)

.jpg   PXL_20230918_021616818.jpg (Size: 825.54 KB / Downloads: 172)

.jpg   PXL_20230918_021634474.jpg (Size: 857.62 KB / Downloads: 171)

.jpg   PXL_20230918_021653989.jpg (Size: 844.63 KB / Downloads: 171)

.jpg   PXL_20230918_021705553.jpg (Size: 694.66 KB / Downloads: 171)

.jpg   PXL_20230918_021715371.jpg (Size: 785.03 KB / Downloads: 171)

.jpg   PXL_20230918_021720847.jpg (Size: 810.8 KB / Downloads: 171)

.jpg   PXL_20230918_021725213.jpg (Size: 693.96 KB / Downloads: 171)

.jpg   PXL_20230918_021731490.jpg (Size: 692.83 KB / Downloads: 171)

.jpg   PXL_20230918_021737879.jpg (Size: 814.67 KB / Downloads: 171)

  Garage sale find - what is it? - 18 Sep 2023, 1:35 am
I picked this up at an estate sale.  Nothing of significance for  tools-the others didn't give a hint for this one.  Blade is 4 1/2 x 1/2 x 1/8" thick.  Flat portion is smooth, but the edges are concave and have teeth like a file.   I have big money invested in this ($2.00) so I hope it is valuable.  At worse case I can reuse the handle.  I wasn't even going to purchase it, but the curiosity got the best of me.  That style of handle looks familiar to me.

Does anybody know what it is used for or take a guess?


.jpg   IMG-2870.jpg (Size: 674.65 KB / Downloads: 361)

.jpg   IMG-2871.jpg (Size: 250.9 KB / Downloads: 358)

.jpg   IMG-2873.jpg (Size: 452.89 KB / Downloads: 360)

.jpg   IMG-2874.jpg (Size: 507.3 KB / Downloads: 358)

  OT post - 17 Sep 2023, 5:11 pm
Please look https://forums.woodnet.net/showthread.ph...pid8153170