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Russ Fairfield

Russ's Corner

Collected essays on woodworking by Russ Fairfield. Russ passed away on January 4, 2011.

Russ Fairfield
  1. Some Thoughs and Opinions   russ01
  2. Some Rules For Good Design?   russ02
  3. Finishing Secrets   russ03-00
  4. Finishing Secrets - 1. Introduction   russ03-01
  5. Finishing Secrets - 2. My Five Rules of Sanding   russ03-02
  6. Finishing Secrets - 3. Bare Wood   russ03-03
  7. Finishing Secrets - 4. Pens, Watches, and Small Personal Items   russ03-04
  8. Finishing Secrets - 5. A "Deft" Finish   russ03-05
  9. Finishing Secrets - 6. Tung Oil   russ03-06
  10. Finishing Secrets - 7. Using Wipe-On Varnishes and Oils   russ03-07
  11. Finishing Secrets - 8. Varnish Over Deft   russ03-08
  12. Finishing Secrets - 9. Shellac and a "French" Polish   russ03-09
  13. Finishing Secrets - 10. Friction Polishes   russ03-10
  14. Finishing Secrets - 11. Lacquer   russ03-11
  15. Finishing Secrets - 12. Coloring Wood Turnings   russ03-12
  16. Finishing Secrets - 13. Addenda and FAQs   russ03-13
  17. A Recipe for Creating Spalted Wood   russ04
  18. The "Universal Truths" of Woodturning   russ05
  19. Everything I Know About Glue   russ06
  20. Glue and Woodturning   russ06b
  21. Buying a Chuck   russ07
  22. A Dryer For Turned Wood   russ08
  23. Dust Collection At The Lathe   russ09
  24. Making Our Own Turning Tools   russ10
  25. Finishing Cuts on the Insides of Bowls   russ11

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