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  1. WoodCentral’s Book Picks   00-picks
  2. Rob’s Favorite Books   01-clough
  3. 176 Woodworking Projects by the editors of Workbench magazine   176wwproj
  4. Design! by Steven Aimone   aimone_design
  5. Home Storage Project by Paul Anthony   anthony
  6. Working With Power Tools by Paul Anthony   anthony_powertools
  7. Smart Workshop Solutions by Paul Anthony   anthony_shop
  8. Complete Illustrated Guide to Tablesaws by Paul Anthony   anthony_tablesaws
  9. The Woodworkers Visual Handbook by Jon Arno   arno
  10. Trees by Jon Arno   arno_trees
  11. Perspectives on an Enduring Furniture Tradition by Christian Becksvoort   becksvoort
  12. Timberframe by Tedd Benson   benson
  13. The Encyclopedia of North American Trees by Sam Benvie   benvie
  14. All Screwed Up! by John Berkeley   berkeley_screwedup
  15. Celebrating Birch by North House Folk School   birch
  16. The Bandsaw Book by Lonnie Bird   bird
  17. The Complete Illustrated Guide To Shaping Wood by Lonnie Bird   bird_shaping
  18. Complete Illustrated Guide To Using Woodworking Tools by Lonnie Bird   bird_tools
  19. Twenty Decorative Carving Projects by Steve Bisco   bisco_carving
  20. Furniture By Design by Graham Blackburn   blackburn
  21. 1001 Tips For Woodworkers by Percy Blandford   blandford_tips
  22. Home Storage Idea Book by Joanne Kellar Bouknight   bouknight
  23. Making Wood Handles, Hinges and Knobs by Alan and Gill Bridgewater   bridgewater
  24. Emotions In Wood by Ann Brouwers   brouwers_emotions
  25. The Conversion and Seasoning of Wood by William H. Brown   brown_conversion
  26. Simple Marquetry by Mike Burton   burton
  27. Cutting Edge Band Saw Tips & Tricks by Kenneth Burton   burton_bsaw
  28. Make Your Own Woodworking Tools by Mike Burton   burton_tools
  29. Cutting Edge Tablesaw Tips & Tricks by Kenneth Burton   burton_ts
  30. Table Saw Projects by Ken Burton   burton_tsprojects
  31. Arthur Espenet Carpenter - Education of a Woodsmith   carpenter
  32. Classic Joints With Power Tools by Yeung Chan   chan
  33. The Woodworker's Complete Shop Reference by J. Churchill   churchill
  34. Carving Fantasy & Legend Figures in Wood by Shawn Cipa   cipa_carving
  35. Ranches by M. Caren Connally and Louis Wasserman   connally_ranches
  36. Bungalows by M. Caren Connolly & Louis Wasserman   connolly_bungalows
  37. Turning for Furniture by Ernie Conover   conover
  38. Carving on Turning by Chris Pye   cpye
  39. Tops by Michael Cullen   cullen_tops
  40. Making More Wooden Locks by Tim Detweiler   detweiler_morelocks
  41. The House You Build by Duo Dickinson   dickinson_house
  42. Wood Finishing Fixes by Michael Dresdner   dres_fixes
  43. Painting and Finishing by Michael Dresdner   dres_paint
  44. New Wood Finishing by Michael Dresdner   dresdner
  45. The Art of the Bandsaw by Mark Duginske   duginske_bandsaw
  46. Restoring, Tuning & Using Classic Woodworking Tools by Michael Dundar   dunbar
  47. 500 Wood Bowls edited by Katherine Duncan Aimone   duncan_bowls
  48. The Distinctive Home by Jeremiah Eck   eck
  49. Chinese Domestic Furniture by Gustav Ecke   ecke
  50. How To Build Animal Housing by Carol Ekarius   ekarius
  51. Unbuilding by Bob Falk & Brad Guy   falkguy_unbuilding
  52. Stairs - The Best of Fine Homebuilding by Fine Homebuilding Magazine   fhb_stairs
  53. Making & Mastering Wood Planes by David Finck   finck
  54. New Masters of the Wooden Box by Oscar P. Fitzgerald   fitzgerald_box
  55. Understanding Wood Finishing, 2nd Ed. by Bob Flexner   flexner
  56. New Wood Puzzles by James W. Follette   follette
  57. Getting Started in Woodworking by Aimé Ontario Fraser   fraser
  58. Your First Workshop by Aime' Ontario Fraser   fraser_workshop
  59. Tage Frid Teaches Woodworking: Two Vols. In One, Unabridged by Tage Frid   frid
  60. Designing Furniture by Editors of Fine Woodworking   fww_designing
  61. Making Mantels by David Getts   getts
  62. Grinling Gibbons And The Art Of Carving by David Easterly   gibbons
  63. The Real Wood Bible by Nick Gibbs   gibbs_bible
  64. The Workshop by Scott Gibson   gibson_ws
  65. The Man Who Planted Trees by Jean Giono   giono
  66. Capes by Jane Gitlin   gitlin_capes
  67. Dining Tables by Kim Carlton Graves with Masha Zager   graves
  68. Fixtures and Chucks for Woodturning by Doc Green   green_fixtures
  69. Art of Chainsaw Carving by Jessie Groeschen   groeschen_chainsaw
  70. Learn To Turn by Barry Gross   gross_learn
  71. 400 Wood Boxes by Veronika Alice Gunter   gunter_boxes
  72. The Handplane Book by Garrett Hack   hack
  73. Classic Hand Tools by Garrett Hack   hack_handtools
  74. The Old Way of Seeing by Jonathon Hale   hale
  75. 500 Chairs selected by Craig Nutt   hemachandra_chairs
  76. The New Woodworker Handbook by Tom Hintz   hintz_handbook
  77. Understanding Wood by R. Bruce Hoadley   hoadley
  78. Traditional Wood Toys by Cyril Hobbins   hobbins_tradtoys
  79. The Woodturners FAQ Book by Fred Holder   holder_faq
  80. Woodworkers' Essential by Ken Horner   horner
  81. Scratching The Surface by Michael Hosaluk   hosaluk
  82. Router Magic by Bill Hylton   hylton
  83. Chest of Drawers by Bill Hylton (review by Barb Siddiqui)   hylton_chests
  84. Chests of Drawers by Bill Hylton (review by Art Silva)   hylton_chests2
  85. Bill Hylton's Power Tool Joinery by Bill Hylton   hylton_ptjoinery
  86. Woodworking With The Router, Revised Edition by Bill Hylton   hylton_routernew
  87. Collins Complete Woodworker's Manual by Albert Jackson   jackson_day_manual
  88. Patterns of Home by Max Jacobson, Murray Silverstein & Barbara Winslow   jacobson_patterns
  89. The Flooring Handbook by Dennis Jeffries   jeffries_flooring
  90. Carving Tree Bark by Rick Jensen and Jack A. Williams   jensen_williams
  91. The Complete Illustrated Guide to Finishing by Jeff Jewitt   jewitt_cgfinishing
  92. Creating The Perfect Wood Finish by Joe L'Erario   joiner_cabinetmaker
  93. Encyclopedia of Cabinetmaking by Ernest Joyce   joyce
  94. Segmented Turning - A Good Start by Bill Kandler   kandler
  95. Classic Woodturning Projects with Bonnie Klein by Bonnie Klein   klein
  96. A House On The Water by Robert W. Knight   knight
  97. Woodworking Basics by Peter Korn   korn_basics
  98. Wotj Wakened Hands by Jame Krenov   krenov
  99. Speed Toys For Boys by A.J. LaBerge   laberge_speedtoys
  100. The Workshop Book by Scott Landis   landis
  101. The Workbench Book by Scott Landis   landis_bench
  102. Shop Drawings for Craftsman Furniture by Robert W. Lang   lang
  103. Shop Drawings for Craftsman Interiors, by Robert W. Lang   lang_interiors
  104. The Complete Kitchen Cabinetmaker by Robert W. Lang   lang_kitchen
  105. Woodshop Storage Solutions by Ralph Laughton   laughton_storage
  106. The Complete Guide to Sharpening by Leonard Lee   lee
  107. Creating The Perfect Wood Finish by Joe L'Erario   lerario
  108. Fireplace and Mantel Ideas by John Lewman   lewman_mantels
  109. Complete Illustrated Guide to Sharpening by Thomas Lie-Nielsen   lie-nielsen
  110. World Woods In Color by William A. Lincoln   lincoln
  111. Sam Maloof -- Woodworker by Sam Maloof   maloof
  112. Wooden Projects For Outdoor Living by John Marckworth   marckworth_outdoor
  113. Wooden Projects For Outdoor Living by John Marckworth   markworth_outdoor
  114. New Masters of Woodturning by Terry Martin & Kevin Wallace   martinwallace_masters
  115. Foolproof Wood Finishing by Teri Masaschi   masachi_foolproof
  116. Simply Board Feet by Douglas E. Maxwell   maxwell_bdft
  117. The Essential Pine Book by John McGuane & Megan Fitzpatrick   mcguane_pine
  118. The Tablesaw Book by Kelly Mehler   mehler
  119. The Table Saw Book by Kelly Mehler   mehler_ts2
  120. The Ultimate Band Saw Box Book by Donna LaChance Menke   menke_bsbox
  121. Building An Adirondack Guide Boat   michne
  122. Chairmaking & Design by Jeff Miller   miller_chairdesign
  123. Furniture by Judith Miller   miller_furniture
  124. How To Build Outdoor Structures by Deborah Morgan and Nick Engler   morgan_engler
  125. The Getaway Home by Dale Mulfinger   mulfinger_getaway
  126. Making Toys That Teach by Les Neufeld   neufeld
  127. Fine Craftsmanship in Wood by Betty Nobury   norbury
  128. Furniture for the 21st Century by Betty Norbury   norbury21century
  129. The Art of Ian Norbury by Ian Norbury   norbury_art
  130. Woodcarving: Book I -- Basic Techniques by Ian Norbury   norbury_woodcarving
  131. Carving Wooden Santas, Elves & Gnomes by Ross Oar   oar_santas
  132. Building an Adirondack Guideboat by Michael J. Olivette and John D. Michne   olivette_boat
  133. Essential Woodcarving Techniques by Dick Onians   onians
  134. Meetings With Remarkable Trees by Thomas Pakeham   pakenham
  135. The Remarkable Baobab by Thomas Pakenham   pakenham_baobab
  136. Greene & Greene - Design Elements For The Workshop by Darrell Peart   peart_gg
  137. Build Your Own Birdhouses and Feeders by John Perkins   perkins_birdhouses
  138. Controlling Dust in the Workshop by Rick Peters   peters
  139. The Commercial Woods of Africa by Peter Phongphaew   phongphaew
  140. The Used Lumber Project Book by Kerry Pierce   pierce
  141. Quick & Easy Jigs and Fixtures by Kerry Pierce   pierce_jigs
  142. Pleasant Hill Shaker Furniture by Kerry Pierce   pierce_pleasanthill
  143. Authentic Shaker Furniture by Kerry Pierce   pierce_shaker
  144. Wood Identification and Use by Terry Porter   porter_woodid
  145. Building Cabinet Doors & Drawers by Danny Proulx   proulx
  146. Toolboxes & Workbenches by Danny Proulx   proulx_benches
  147. Display Cases You Can Build by Danny Proulx   proulx_display
  148. Building Frameless Kitchen Cabinets by Danny Proulx   proulx_kitchen
  149. The Pocket Hole Drilling Jig Project Book by Danny Proulx   proulx_pocket
  150. Building Woodshop Workstations by Danny Proulx   proulx_workstations
  151. Design & Build Your Ideal Entertainment Center by   pwentertainment
  152. Complete Book of Tips, Tricks & Techniques by   pwtips
  153. Quick & Easy Weekend Woodworking Projects by   pww_wwprojects
  154. The Nature And Art of Workmanship by David Pye   pye
  155. Le Mobilier Francais, Art Nouveau, 1900 by Anne-Marie Quette   quette
  156. The Complete Guide To Furniture & Cabinet Construction by Andy Rae   rae
  157. Building Doors & Drawers by Andy Rae   rae_doorsdrawers
  158. Choosing & Using Hand Tools by Andy Rae   rae_handtools
  159. Workshop Idea Book by Andy Rae   rae_ideabook
  160. The Complete Illustrated Guide to Working With Wood by Andy Rae   rae_wwwood
  161. The Art of Turned Bowls by Richard Raffan   raffan_artbowls
  162. The Complete Illustrated Guide to Turning by Richard Raffan   raffan_complete
  163. Router Joinery Workshop by Carol Reed   reed
  164. Woodturning Tips & Techniques by Carol Rix   rix_woodturning
  165. Traditional Woodwork by Mario Rodriguez   rodriguez
  166. Fireplace Mantels by Mario Rodriguez   rodriguez_mantels
  167. The Complete Illustrated Guide to Joinery by Gary Rogowski   rogowski
  168. Woodworking With The Router by Bill Hylton and Fred Matlack   router
  169. Dictionary of Woodworking Tools by R. A. Salaman   salaman_dictionary
  170. Setting Up Shop by Sandor Nagyszalanczy   sandor
  171. The New Built-Ins Idea Book by Sandor Nagyszalanczy   sandor_builtins
  172. Tools Rare and Ingenious by Sandor Nagyszalanczy   sandor_ingenious
  173. Complete Illustrated Guide to Jigs & Fixtures by Sandor Nagyszalanczy   sandor_jigs
  174. Building The Perfect Gazebo by David Schiff   schiff_gazebo
  175. The Complete Manual of Wood Bending by Lon Schleining   schleining_bending
  176. Treasure Chests, The Legacy of Extraordinary Boxes by Lon Schleining   schleining_chests
  177. The Workbench by Lon Schleining   schleining_workbench
  178. House Transformed by Matthew Schoenherr   schoenherr
  179. Colonels by Matthew Schoenherr   schoenherr_colonials
  180. The Art of Joinery by Joseph Moxon   schwarz_moxon
  181. Workbenches by Christopher Schwarz   schwarz_workbenches
  182. Scrimshaw, by Steve Paszkiewicz and Roger Schroeder   scrimshaw
  183. Carved Gifts For All Occasions by James E. Seitz   seitz_gifts
  184. Woodworker's Guide to Selecting and Milling Wood by Charles Self   self_milling
  185. Woodworker's Pocket Reference by Charlie Self   self_pocketref
  186. Make Your Own Walking Sticks by Charles Self   self_sticks
  187. Shepherd's Compleat Early Nineteenth Century Woodworker by Stephen Shepherd   shepherd_compleat
  188. Harvesting Urban Timber by Sam Sherrill   sherrill
  189. Small Woodworking Shops by eds. of Fine Woodworking   smallwwshops
  190. Specialized Joinery by Corkhill and Duckworth   specialized_joinery
  191. Interior Trim by William P. Spence   spence_trim
  192. Building the Perfect Tool Chest by Jim Stack   stack
  193. Box By Box by Jim Stack   stack_box
  194. Designing Your Own Furniture by Jim Stack   stack_furndesign
  195. Cutting Edge Router Tips and Tricks by Jim Stack   stack_router
  196. The Art of Wood Inlay by George Stevens   stevens_inlay
  197. Basic Box Making by Doug Stowe   stowe_basicboxmaking
  198. The Complete Illustrated Guide to Box Making by Doug Stowe   stowe_boxmaking
  199. Furniture Studio: The Heart of the Functional Arts edited by John Kelsey and Rick Mastelli   studio
  200. Inside The Not So Big House by Sarah Susanka & Marc Vassallo   susanka_inside
  201. Unique Wood Lamination Projects by Jerry Syfert   syfert_lamination
  202. Working With Tablesaws by Taunton Press   taunton_tablesaws
  203. Projects For Your Shop by Matthew Teague   teague_projects
  204. Power Tool Maintenance by David Thiel   thiel_maintenance
  205. Rare Trades by Mark Thomson   thomson
  206. Pinewood Derby Designs & Patterns   thorne_pinewood
  207. The Art of Segmented Woodturning by Malcolm Tibbetts   tibbetts_segmented
  208. Built-In Furniture by Jim Tolpin   tolpin_builtins
  209. The Finish Carpenters Manual by Jim Tolpin   tolpin_fcmanual
  210. The Toolbox Book by Jim Tolpin   tolpin_toolbox
  211. Jim Tolpin's Woodworking Wit & Wisdom by Jim Tolpin   tolpin_wit
  212. Carving For Kids by Robin Edward Trudel   trudel_kidcarving
  213. Furniture Mouldings by E .J. Warne   warne_moldings
  214. Country Furniture by Aldren A. Watson   watson_country
  215. Making Woodwork Aids & Devices by Robert Wearing   wearing
  216. Carving Lovespoons by David Western   western_lovespoons
  217. The Backyard Idea Book by Lee Ann White   white_backyard
  218. Care and Repair of Shop Machines by John White   white_repair
  219. Carving Architectural Detail In Wood by Frederick Wilbur   wilbur
  220. Step-by-Step Guitar Making by Alex Willis   willis_guitar
  221. Wood Handbook: Wood as an Engineering Material by USDA Forest Products Laboratory   woodhandbook
  222. Woodturning by Woodturning Magazine   woodturning
  223. The Collins Complete Woodworker by Editors of Woodworkers Journal   wwj_collins
  224. The Collins Complete Woodworker by Editors of Woodworkers Journal   wwj_complete
  225. Wonders in Wood by Edwin M. Wyatt   wyatt
  226. Puzzles in Wood by Edwin M. Wyatt   wyatt_puzzles
  227. At Work At Home by Neal Zimmerman   zimmerman_workhome

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