Re: All about video now

Steve Strickland
It's really about making high quality video that can be exported in any format from low resolution web to mid resolution for wireless devices to hi resolution for DVDs and the special formats for broadcast and cable tv.

The web is a visual medium and I've always known that good images sell and better images sell better. With broadband the same applies to video.

The fact that it makes fantastic stills is a bonus.

The electronics in the thing are impressive as heck. Makes us amateurs look like high dollar pros just by putting it on auto.

I decided to make video a central thing on my website and I wanted the very best I could do. I think I'll get a lot more sales from the videos than if I spent the $5,000 on advertising. In fact I bet $5,000 on it!

It's not easy doing beautiful photos for a website. I hope this forum helps folks out a lot.

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