Photo 101 hope this is helping start

Darrin Hill

it's 4:24 am, and you're asking 'why is he doing this'?

Normally i would be out in the shop working on something. However, my old shop is outside in a tin barn and it;s about 125 degrees inside. I started builiding my own but it's still too hot to do much.

Mostly it's cause i like to teach, and i also am the father of 1 month old identical twin girls. They just went to bed. One will scream, get fed, then has to be held upright for about an hour so they can start to digest, then she gets to bed as the other one has just started screaming. Repeat, every day, all if i dont have a baby in my hand, im typing this or something else on the computer... I'm TRAPPED...

also bad photography makes my butt i'm trying to eliminate bad photography one pixel at a time.

Congratulations.. you have just completed a college course that was pretty much a real course and that was pretty much all that was taught for that semester. A little on composition and some about on camera flash was part of that class, but we can do better...

im off to sleep and will go into lens selection, equipment, and basic on camera flash in the next few days..

i hope you're getting SOMETHING...

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