Photo 101 - addendum

Darrin Hill

now.. since i'm not too hip on digital, i do not read all the magazines, websites, etc that talk about the latest black and chrome doo-hickey. ( a photographer is strongly attracted to anything that has chrome and black. You could sell spit to a photographer as long as it's in a black and chrome tin...)

so digital noise can be filtered out. You have programs that will select depth of field. You can sharpen, add, and subtract motion blur.

but how can u select depth of field if your image doesnt have any? Why bother filtering out noise if you dont have it in the first place? Why sharpen a motion blur if we know enough to avoid doing it in the first place?

and when we start talking about lighting ratios, non-specular highlights (is black a highlight? it's not a shadow.. its a non-specular highlight..) Inverse squares, etc etc... will all have basics where we will talk about what fstop or shutter speed or iso setting its on...

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