shooting Kim's work *PIC*

john lucas
Kim Winkle is an artist I shoot for frequently. She doesn't like reflections so I have to shoot with extremely diffuse lighting which I don't really like because it makes work look flat. However her work is glossy enough and round enough that it really shows reflections. I built a big light tent and lit it with a small soft box. I put a piece of foam core on the front to reflect light back into the bottom.
I put pieces of foam core on both sides to reduce the light hitting the back ground. then I hung some black cloth from the top panel to block more light from the back ground.
These are mirrors so I had to put a white card just above the camera (the welcome sign) so the mirror saw that instead of my studio. I don't like solid reflections in mirrors so I put another piece of foam core between the light and white panel to cast a shadow on the panel. this makes the reflection in the glass less even and looks a lot nicer.
Just thought I'd throw this out there to help you see the process.

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