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oh... yes... as we journey onward, remember one thing...

the controls (fstop, shutterspeed, iso) were all the same thing from about 1839 until about 5 years ago.. If you gave a photographer ANY camera, no matter who made it or when it was made, he should have been able to use it, cause all the controls were always the same..

along comes digital and EVERYTHING changed.... when the digital sensor was invented, people took it and ran.. and invented ways previously unthought of to take photos... but they STILL have apertures, shutter speeds, and iso... the problem is when someone like ... say .. sony, panasonic, casio, samsung, etc, people who make GREAT stereos, decide to stray from the path and invent their own systems.. they sill have fstops, iso, and shutter speeds, but they also have controls that look like a flower, a smiley face, a mountain, etc... (I just heard daguerre turning over in his grave)... and really... sony's flower might mean outdoor setting, closeup setting, daffodil setting, etc... who knows..?

here is HOW you know... find your manual and keep it nearby for reference...

because ALL of the cameras have a setting that is covered in dust.. it's the M setting... P does NOT stand for professional... btw... M is for manual, and you're gonna have to put on your brain... cause once you set it on M, you are in control... not Cyberdyne Skynet systems (refer to the terminator movie..)

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