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Stuart Johnson
I used and repaired Leicas in the Army

A little Army story involving Leicas. I was a jack of all trades type photographer in the 2nd Armor Division at Fort Hood. While there my sgt. sold me a Leica he picked up in Germany with a full set of lens when he purchased a Hasselblad. I had it for about six months when we decided it needed to be cleaned. We did have 3 or 4 assigned to us so it was simple to send it in with a clean request. The problem was when it came back with a new lens and a note explaining it was an upgrade. Now I have a camera with an Army lens which could cause some major problems. I have no idea what he did but it cost us a case of #10 cans of coffee (basic trading material) to get the issue fixed.

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Exactas were the first 35mm SLR's, .....
Re: Exactas were the first 35mm SLR's, .....
When were you stationed at Ft.Hood?I.....
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