Photo Critique Please *PIC*

Dick Wilson
My one and only New Year's resolution is to take much better photos. I would love to have a $500 photo set-up, sadly Santa or one of his devious little elves reached really deep into my back pocket this X-Mas sooooo.......I am starting on a bare bones minimum. I have read Jamie's tutorial as well as the extensive writings of Darrin Hill, John Lucus, Ed Koenig, and others. These pictures show the "progression":

Nikon Coolpix L3
Exposure - 0
Gradiant background
White foam core
Daylight bulbs - 2 18W R40 900 lumans 5000 degrees K
All shop lights out
No Flash

The first is a before shot, second shot is setup, and third shot is what I am coming up with after croping and adjustment

IMHO I have taken a quantum leap in the right direction, but there is much improvement to be had. I think lighting can be much improved.

For those who are photographers please critique and suggestions. Thanks Dick

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Photo Critique Please *PIC*
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John has given you a number......
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