Eliminate reflections

Gary Smyth
Inventory for insurance review time. Need to photograph artwork specifically framed artwork. Sizes 44" x 44" to miniatures 4" x 6". Watercolor, etching, print, maps to woodblock, on silk, paper, cork, bone. I can manage anything not glassed, but the reflections of the glassed work is driving me nuts. Artwork is on a easel or tabletop Seamless paper backdrop. Tripod shot. Parallax minimized. Art and camera work can be manipulated to adjust for straightening, fill, shadow and cropping. I have tried black cloth, white cloth -- light stopping and translucent, bounce light, natural light, polarizing filter. Probably a quantity of 40 pieces, 10 of which are shadow boxes. Removing the glass will not happen.

What can I do to get a clean shot with detail enough to satisfy insurers should the worst happen? Diagrams, web sites, print references will be appreciated. My deadline for whatever happens is labor day.

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