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Ellis Walentine
Here's some advice for anyone who might want to easily resize photos to a size that will fit the WoodCentral uploading file size limit of 100 Kb. There are many resizing programs on the web, so you don't have to know (or own) Photoshop or other image processing programs to do this.

I've chosen a popular and simple sizing site, for this tutorial. Here's how to resize an image using [Note: this assumes you've already saved your oversize (camera) image to your computer.]

1. Go to the home page.
2. Hit the browse button and select your picture.
3. Click the little "Quick resize" text link under the browse box.
4. Set the Custom size to a width of 800 px and the Max file size to 100Kb
5. Click the big "Quick resize my Picture!" button.
6. When the page changes, select View Image, to make sure your picture looks the way you want it to look.
7. Then come back to the page and click Save to Disk. The resized image will be saved to your computer with a new filename that starts with "rsz"
8. Go to the WoodCentral message board that you want to post the photo to, and start typing a message. When you get to the point in the message where you want to insert the resized image, click the "Choose File" button above the message text box. (Note: You must have a WoodCentral profile to do this, or else the "Choose File" option will not appear. If you don't have a profile, create one. If you have one and still don't see the "Choose File" option button, set your preferences to the exact Username and Email address as they appear in your profile.) Navigate to the resized image that you downloaded from Picresize. Here's one I just resized on my Mac. The original was almost 4Mb in size; this resized version is only 93 Kb.

NOTE: On my Mac, when I clicked the "Choose File" button, I had to navigate to my Downloads folder to find the photo.

Picresize has more advanced features too, should you want to crop or manipulate your images when you edit them. For the more advanced features, click the orange "Continue" button under the browse box instead of the "Quick Resize" text link.

Good luck. E-mail me if you need any further help.

Ellis Walentine, Host

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Picresize experiment *PIC*
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