Shooting in raw vs jpeg?

Keith Newton
My HP printer died over a year ago, and I found myself needing another, so this time bit the bullet, and,,,,, gloat, sprung for a nice Canon pima pro 100. OH Man, this thing is great. There are 8 ink cartridges, with black, gray and light gray, which would make for much better black and white pics, although I don't shoot much in that mode. However, I do shoot a lot of night shots, so I'm going through those inks fastest, which has nothing to do with my question.

I've always just taken my shots in jpeg, even though my camera will shoot Raw. But last time I was down at the cabin, I was cleaning up after the flood receded. After opening up the downstairs storeroom and pulling some things out to air out, I noticed a Anole lizard sitting in the doorway. It was mostly molted, except for it's head. It almost looked like it was wearing mask, and allowing me to take as many shots as I wished, so when I got around to zooming in for full screen images of it's face, I thought I would give Raw a try.

This doesn't seem to offer anything special just viewing through my LCD, which I understand, but the bummer is that I can import those into iPhoto on my iMac. What do I need to do to get these into my computer?

My camera is a Canon SX60. Aarrrrg, I hate that I'm such a neanderthal, and even more that having all this high-tech gear doesn't lessen the slope of my brow!!!!!!! ha

I know some of you are pro-photogs, and use photo shop, which I'm not willing to buy and switch to. I'm just wanting something free to make the conversion with. Any suggestions?

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