Another blow to the art

Gary Smyth
For years I taught that "presentation form is inversely proportional to the recipient’s need to know." Well, it seems that there is an awful lot of interest in needing to know. Just announced, here is yet another blow to the precision of presentation that comes in the launch of the 3M shoot and share (3M™ Camcorder Projector Shoot 'n Share). The link is not linking, but this is a $300 point and shoot camera that is also a projector that is hyped that can deliver an image up to 65” diagonal on a white wall.
When coupled with ambient light in the room, I’m pretty sure that the art of photography has taken yet another step rearward.
The unit can run for 100 minutes in the projector mode and 150 minutes as a video camera before recharging -- forever if on AC power.
The camera also are sold by the case (4 units) for $1,200. Each is sized 125 x 62 x 24mm (5” x 2 ½” x 1”). It may be a sales tool, but in my view, not photography.
3M is no dummy when it comes to marketing new products. There must have been someone who needed this. By the way, the owner's manual is on line if you want to know more.

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